The next step after applying for job is preparing for the initial interview you will have with a recruiter, which is usually conducted over the phone. So no doubt you’ll be looking for phone interview tips to make you feel nothing short of confident.

It’s a stage of the recruitment process where the recruiter will be analysing the way you converse and thus communicate who you are as a person and potential employee. This means getting across your value is important during this stage.

Here are eight phone interview tips to sell yourself exceptionally.

1. Prepare first

The best thing about taking a phone interview is that you can use a “cheat sheet” if you want. This sheet can include a list of key terms from the job application, note of all the things you want to say and questions you would like to ask. Not mention answers to possible questions that the recruiter might ask.

Remember to prepare a 30-second elevator pitch, which will quickly sell you to the recruiter and keep it handy on your cheat sheet. It should explain what type of asset you would be for a company and the value you can bring to it.

2. Go somewhere quiet

No one likes to hear noise during a phone conversation because it distracts each person from the matter at hand. Remove yourself from any areas that are distracting, noisy or just plain loud.  Try taking the phone call indoors and somewhere where you can be on your own to make sure you are giving the conversation your full attention.

Also, it helps if the room you are in is clean and tidy, as this helps you to relax and not get distracted by any mess.

3. Set the mood

Although a phone interview does not require you to dress up, it can be a good idea to dress professionally for the phone interview as your appearance may just give you the confidence boost needed to win over the recruiter.

4. Make sure your phone is charged and working

If you are taking the interview on your mobile phone, the last thing you want is for its battery to go flat or for its network signal to lag. Make sure your phone is charged and that you are in a place where the network signal is strong. Always do a test run first, especially if you are expecting a video call.

5. Be aware of your language

Your voice will sound warmer and friendlier if you smile, as smiling is proven to improve your own mood and attitude. Thus, smiling during an interview can lead to success.

Another helpful tip is to stand up during your phone interview, as standing when talking will actually make your voice clearer and sound more confident.

6. Never interrupt

A challenge in taking a phone interview is not knowing when to start or stop talking. By inserting longer pauses between your sentences and letting the interviewer finish what they have to say before you reply, you will ensure a smooth conversation.

7. Ask questions

Take note of what the recruiter is asking about you and jot down any follow up questions to ask after you give your first lot of answers. For example, one good follow up question is “How will my work performance be evaluated?” or “What’s the culture like there?” These will help you to appear interested and engaged with the conversation and the job.

8. Follow up

You must make sure to schedule yourself some time to send a “thank you for your time” email after the interview. Keep it short and simple. Doing this can help you stand out from the rest of the candidates and show that you are enthusiastic about landing the job.

So with all this in mind, we hope you found these 8 phone interview tips helpful!

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