Searching for a job online can be soul-crushing, with page after page of job advertisements, minimal response to applications and a never-ending list of rejections. By following a few simple techniques, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding a job in Australia.

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut in your online job search, and just as easy to start to lose hope of finding work. Here are a few ways to find a job in Australia.

How to find a job in Australia: Build a prospective company / employer list:

This is where you start getting pro-active – don’t just wait for opportunities to appear on sites like SEEK or My Career, actively look for companies that you want to work for and target them.

To do this, start by setting up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the following columns:

a.      Company name
b.      Address
c.      Contact person
d.      Title i.e. HR Manager or IT Services Manager
e.      Email (contact person’s email)
f.       Company website
g.      Comments (this is where you state why you’re contacting them, as well as all the actions that have taken place, i.e. ‘sent email 10/09/2015’; ‘telephone conversation with HR Manager saying no vacancies’ or ‘received an email back saying to send resume on 13/09/15’.)

To find relevant companies, we recommend three sources:

a.      Yellow pages (good for finding companies in the city you’re targeting)
b.      Google (good for finding the contact person’s email address)
c.      LinkedIn (good for finding contact people in your industry who you can contact about vacancies and openings)

How to find a job in Australia: I have my target companies, what’s next?

Once you have your target list of companies, it’s time to find key contact people (usually senior-level staff) in those companies. LinkedIn is the best way to find people in Australian companies!

Now, once you’ve found the right people to contact, you need to find their email addresses.

Why can’t I simply connect with them on LinkedIn and send them an email there? Do I really need their email address?

For starters, there’s no guarantee they will accept your LinkedIn invitation message. Even if they do accept, there’s no guarantee they will read your LinkedIn email.

Contacting someone via their work email is the best as they are likely to be checking it five times a day. If you send them an email that shows how you can solve a problem they have, they are likely to respond back asking you for an interview.

One of our Career Coaching clients, Amy, recently tried this approach and was called for an interview within 30 minutes of sending the targeted email to the Project Manager of a national construction company.

To learn how to find a job in Australia through this direct approach please get in touch.

How to find a job in Australia: Know what to say when you make contact:

Before your contact gets to your cover letter and resumes the first thing they will see is your email. This message is made or break – if you don’t capture their interest here, they won’t bother looking at your attached resume.

The email has to be brief and specific giving a quick indication about your experience, your qualification(s) and planting the idea of how you could assist the company. You also want them to appreciate your offer – phrases such as ‘getting in touch to see if there’s a way that I can help you’ accomplish this, and to make sure your message gets to the right person – ‘feel free to pass my details on’.

We help all our clients customise each email in our 6 Week Career Coaching Program.

How to find a job in Australia – Improve your Resume:

So you’ve sent your introduction email giving the reader a snapshot of your background, and telling them how you might be able to solve some of their problems and add a spark to their business. Now you want to entice them to open the resume attached to your email.

If your resume doesn’t highlight your skills and experiences in 10 seconds, they will most likely hit ‘delete’ to your email, so having a powerful resume is vital. Have a look at these posts on how to write a resume for the Australian job market:

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You can also check out our Resume Masterclass for skilled migrants here and international students here.

How to find a job in Australia: – Key things to remember:

–        Be pro-active and organised – seek out as many businesses and contacts in your industry as you can, and keep track of your interactions with them.
–        Target their work email first.
–        Be prepared – know how to make the first contact in a professional, memorable and friendly way.
–       Improve your resume. This is a critical attachment to your email.

If you have any questions about finding a job and how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can work towards your goal.

We wish you all the best in your job search!
Careers Team, Career Success Australia