About The Company

One of Australia's emerging network security firms is offering a 12-week network security analyst internship in 2021/2022. This amazing network security analyst internship is suited for students and graduates who have a keen interest in a career in network security. You will work alongside expert network security specialists to manage the network security for clients


Our Network Security Analyst Internship will support your career development and employment goals in network security. You will apply your deep network security skills and theory to real-world cyber security problems facing clients. As a Network Security Analyst Intern, you will use a range of network security tools, processes and frameworks to resolve threats and network security faults.

You will also collaborate with internal IT teams and partner vendors specialising in network security to ensure fit-for-purpose, risk-based approaches are taken, resulting in robust network security systems.

Furthermore, you will take charge of the monitoring and administration of critical security toolsets, be accountable for resolving internal security requests and incidents in the Cyber Security queue, strengthen and optimise security tools and policies, remediate security threats, resolve technical security faults to protect the company. This Network Security Analyst Internships program also provides insights and experience into penetration testing and the latest tools to find and detect threats.

Network Security Analyst Internship Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Working actively with network security vendors to implement security solutions
  • Conduct analysis to identify network security weaknesses and recommend and implement solutions to secure servers and networks
  • Provide security support, manage the security incident support queue and resolve tickets as per Service Level Agreements
  • Troubleshooting network security incidents and using security tools like Crowdstrike and Mimecast
  • Performing penetration testing
  • Using network security best practices as well as tools such as OSSEC, Intruder.io, Burp Suite, and Zscaler Cloud Firewall to manage security threats
  • Provide network security support by using packet sniffers, encryption tools and web vulnerability scanning tools
  • Receive and review security threat intelligence reports and alerts to manage potential threats

What will you learn from your Network Security Analyst Internship?

  • Learn the fundamentals of penetration testing
  • How to identify network security threats and best practice to mitigate each threat
  • Using tools such as OSSEC, Intruder.io, Burp Suite, and Zscaler Cloud Firewall to manage security threats
  • Deep technical skills to avoid unauthorized data access, cyber-attacks, and identity theft
  • Perform network security and detection using SolarWinds, Vipre and Wireshark
  • Opportunity to apply your theoretical network security knowledge to real-world projects as a network security analyst intern

How can you apply for the Network Security Analyst Internship?

To be considered for this Network Security Analyst Internship, you need to be a member of the CSA Internship Academy. To learn more about doing an Internship and to book a free Career Counselling and Internships phone consultation, click the button below.  Career Training, Mentoring & Internship Program Management fees apply to become a member of the CSA Internship Academy.