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What our client say!

“Personalised support all the way”

Juliana 150x150 1 150x150 1
I was a former international student and after taking a short career break, I needed help getting my Resume, cover letter and interview skills improved. I started working with Naren who gave me the confidence to get an amazing job in HR. I’m absolutely loving

Juliana Collins
HR Advisor, Melbourne

“Great Career Counselling”

anu 150x150 1
I tried for many months on my own to get interviews and a more senior job. I had one interview after so many applications. Even with Australian experience, I found it tough. The Career Success Australia team turned my situation around. They helped me with

Anu Yadav
Procurement Manager, Melbourne

“Glad I took up the Career Coaching Program”

Arun Patel.jpg
I’d like to thank Naren and the CSA team for guiding me with my accounting career. They gave me great insights and support over the Career Coaching program. I learned a lot during the program about tactics for securing interviews and job offers, which I

Arun Patel
Accountant, Sydney

“The perfect Internship!”

Tai Lai photo 150x150 1 150x150 1
I spent 3 months hunting for jobs before I found Career Success Australia. Thanks to Naren, I was quickly given an opportunity to intern at a financial advice company, which lead to full-time employment. Naren provides great advice on how to prepare for interviews and

Tay Lai Chan
Finance Assistant, Melbourne

“Brilliant Accounting Internship”

hansi 150x150 1 150x150 1

I migrated as an Accountant and found it hard to find a job so I joined Career Success Australia to get help. Easily the best investment I made. I would still be job hunting if not for the Internship and Career Coaching

Hansi Ediriweera
Management Accountant, Melbourne

“Wonderful Careers Support!”

Uday Kumar Karrevula

The experience I got from the Internship was amazing. The whole team from Katie, Pearl and Zee helped me each step of the way to secure my Accounting internship and

Uday Karrevula
Accounting Graduate, Melbourne

“Great support for my accounting career”

Martin digital 2707 150x150 1 150x150 1
Career Success Australia helped me secure an internship with an accounting firm, which ultimately opened doors for me and led to my part-time job with one of the firm’s clients. Naren guided me through the process of getting my first accounting job in Australia and

Martin Loh
Accounting graduate, Melbourne
Our Clients got Jobs In (14)

“2 Job Offers!”

Geraldine 150x150 1 150x150 1
The Career Coaching program helped me get a job in Australia. I struggled for months after arriving from Singapore. Within 3 months, I had 5 interviews and got 2 offers. I will always be grateful to Naren and his team for guiding me. I recommend

Geraldine Goh
Funds Administrator, Melbourne

“They help you til you get a job!”

tapan 150x150 1 150x150 1

It was impossible to get a job after coming from India. Even with Big 4 experience. I joined Career Success Australia Career Coaching. 12 weeks later, I secured a role with

Tapan Chaurasia
Accountant, Sydney

“Cannot thank this team enough!”

Stacey 150x150 1 150x150 1
I received a number of phone and face-to-face interviews through Naren’s coaching program. Not only did he customise my Resume for every job I applied for, but he helped me structure my answers to behavioural and technical interview questions. His training sessions gave me a

Stacey Ng
Accounting & Finance Graduate, Melbourne

“Thanks for the Internship!”

Stefani 150x150 1 150x150 1
Naren organised two host companies for me to meet. I chose the best one and after finishing, my supervisor and company Director Mark asked me to stay on for part-time work as a Finance Assistant. This internship has been the best investment in my career

Stefani Wijaya
Finance Graduate, Melbourne

“My Career Coach guided me to a job!”

vivek 150x150 1 150x150 1

I struggled to get a job for a while but Career Success Australia was patient and guided me through the process. I finally got the breakthrough I needed to land my first job with a tier 1 company in

Vivek Singhal
Finance Manager, Sydney

“Great Career Coaching & Services”

Seir 150x150 1 150x150 1
With no local experience, I experienced a lot of pushback from companies. I spoke to Naren who advised me on changing my strategy. I took up his program and I’m glad I did. He is professional, kind, and he knows how to coach. I got

Brandon Seir
APAC Sales Director

“Thank you to my Career Coaches”

Jessica 150x150 1 150x150 1

Without the help of Career Success Australia I would not have gotten a job as an accounting graduate. They helped me from day 1. I am always grateful for the tips and support. Best company to join for career

Jessica Liu
Accounting Graduate, Melbourne

“Best Career Advice!”

Crystal 150x150 1 150x150 1
My internship enhanced my competitiveness and employability. Naren is a kind and warm-hearted person who has helped me and many other international students with exploring their strengths to outshine other job applicants and achieve a promising career prospect. Happy to recommend this company to job

Crystal Song
Accounting Graduate, Melbourne

“Best Finance Internship!”

Rafsun 150x150 1 150x150 1
Through Career Success Australia, I got an internship at a managed fund in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. I performed well and they offered me a full-time position! It was tough work at the start but my Manager Rob was great. I would highly recommend

Rafsun Ratim
Banking & Finance Graduate, Melbourne


What Our Client Say

“Life-changing decision to join the Program!”

liz 150x150 1 150x150 1
After my Masters at Melbourne Uni, I couldn’t get a job. Even with 3 years of engineering experience in Singapore, it was hard. I joined Naren and his team to do coaching and internship. I got a placement in 2 months and then joined the

Liz Nguyen
Electronics Engineer, Melbourne

“Ultimate careers support led to my job”

Ishtear 150x150 1 150x150 1
I found a few internship companies and chose Career Success Australia to help me. I found them to be professional and knew my industry. I got an internship in a materials science company that turned into casual employment. I think that boosted my career profile

Ishtear Aziz
Chemical Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“Amazing Networking Internship!”

brijesh 150x150 1

Even though I didn’t get the job from my internship host company, the experience was excellent and has helped get my first engineering job in Australia. Thank you Naren and Career Success

Brijesh Dadhania
NOC Engineer

“Definitely the best Careers company”

Simon 150x150 1 150x150 1
I saw Career Success Australia online and spoke to Naren. I was convinced he could help me and Avalyn so we did their coaching course on careers. I am glad to say our investment paid off as we both got jobs in our field of

Simon Jong
Chemical Engineer, Melbourne

“Job offers came so quick!”

Avalyn 150x150 1 150x150 1

Simon and I joined Career Coaching together! It was a wonderful experience and we both ended up getting jobs in our field through Naren and the team’s help. Recommend to all migrants who need help to land a job

Avalyn Lim
Chemical Engineer, Melbourne

“Well supported for my Internship”

akshay 190 no border 150x150 1 150x150 1
Without Naren’s help, it would have been very hard to find an internship as an international student. I managed to crack 2 internship interviews and have been with my host engineering company for 3 months working on two projects for the company. This experience will

Akshay Athalye
Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“Top Civil Engineering Internship”

Harsha 150x150 1 150x150 1
I struggled in Australia as I didn’t have local experience so I went with Career Success Australia to do my internship. I got placed at a company and it was awesome as they hired me too. I am so grateful for the help Career Success

Harsha Edacheriyan
Civil Engineer, Melbourne

“My Internship boosted my career”

Kevin 150x150 1 150x150 1
I chose Career Success Australia to help me with my career path. They found me an internship in an engineering company where I have gained precious experience. Naren is nice and patient, he knows exactly what new graduates need. I strongly recommended Career Success Australia

Kevin Xiao
Civil Engineer, Melbourne

“Guided me to employment so well”

Arcade 150x150 1 150x150 1
With two masters degrees from Australian universities, it was still very hard to get interviews until I contacted Career Success Australia. They arranged my internship and helped me with my job search after. I successfully secured a position as a Graduate Engineer which has really

Arcade Serubibi
Civil Engineering Graduate, Canberra

“Best support from Naren”

Faisal Mahmood.jpg
I secured a good internship opportunity in my field of engineering and just completed my 3 months. The CSA team guided me throughout and I am glad to say I have been offered an opportunity with my host company. I appreciate the support from Naren

Faisal Mahmood
Electrical Engineering, Melbourne

“Wonderful internship with a top electrical engineering company”

New Project 1 1

I was offered a wonderful internship with a top electrical engineering company in Melbourne. I performed well and was offered a full-time role as an electrical engineering graduate. Thank you to Pearl, Donna, and Naren for the

Pranav Tyagi
Electrical Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“Wondeful Engineering Internship”

Abdullah Zain 150x150 1
I got enrolled with CSA in their internship program for a 3 month unpaid internship which later turned into my first full time employment contract in Australia. Getting this breakthrough was essential for me, since then I have never looked back, fast forward 2 years

Abdullah Zain
Project Planner, Melbourne

“Great Career Advice!”

New Project 9 1

I was impressed with the careers support that I received in my careers and internship program with Career Success Australia. Naren and the team guided me so well to secure my job as a Mechanical Engineer in

Maulik Patel
Mechanical Engineer, Perth

“Best Career Mentoring from day 1”

New Project 3 1
As a new skilled migrant to Australia, I found it tough to get a job. The mechanical engineering internship certainly helped with my local experience issue. The team organised 2 internships for me and I was offered a full-time job with my second internship company

Ian Boo
Mechanical Engineer, Melbourne

“Placed in a top Telco company!”

Amit Dureja 150x150 1
The journey of an international student is never easy, but with CSA, one thing is guaranteed: success. I appreciate all the efforts done by the CSA team in preparing me for the competitive job market. I recommend them to every international student for making a

Amit Dureja
Network Engineer, Melbourne

“Expert Career Coaching helped me!”

srinath 150x150 1 150x150 1
Naren was helping me to find a job in Australia. His support during my job search really helped me find the right role within a short time. I feel confident in recommending Career Success Australia for fresh graduates and overseas qualified professionals. He is not

Srinath Chandran
Structural Design Engineer, Melbourne

“Top Engineering Internship”

New Project 3
Big thank you to the Career Success Australia team and especially Donna for helping me get an amazing electrical engineering internship with one of Australia’s biggest engineering consulting firms. I also secured a graduate role with the same company too! Thank you team CSA and

Miraz Chowdhury
Electrical Engineering Graduate, Sydney

“Friendly careers advice!”

Nathaniel Profile Pic 2 150x150 1 150x150 1 1
Naren helped me highlight my strengths in my Resume to make it more appealing. We did a lot of interview preparation and he taught me how to handle the tough questions. I managed to get two interviews shortly after getting Naren’s help. He knows how

Nathaniel Gan
Construction Graduate, Melbourne

“Brilliant Internship Placement”

stanley new web 150x150 1 150x150 1
Career Success Australia helped me find a wonderful internship at a major finance company in Sydney. I was offered a full-time job too! Then I went back to study engineering and project management. Naren and the team helped me again to achieve an amazing project

Stanley Kommo
Project Manager, Sydney

“Such wonderful Careers Support”

Ray 150x150 1 150x150 1
Naren was a great help in getting my first job after completing my degree in Australia. He taught me strategies to win interviews and secure the offer. I am happy to say I am now working full time in my field in Melbourne. I recommend

Ray (Ting) Lei
Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“Glad I took up the Career Coaching Program”

vidya khade 150x150 1 150x150 1
I applied for over 150 software testing jobs but I got responses only from 2-3 of them. After completion of my Careers Masterclass with the help of Naren, I built a strong Resume & Cover Letter and also learnt strategies for job hunting. My Resume

Vidya Khade
Test Engineer, Sydney

“Perfect start to my Career”

New Project 2 1

I’d like to thank Career Success Australia for helping start my mechanical engineering career in Australia. It’s always tough as a graduate, but the team gave excellent career mentoring to get my first job as a graduate mechanical

Sai Aravind
Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“Perfect start to my Career”

Vidu web 150x150 1 150x150 1
I couldn’t get a job for 1 year after my Masters. Then I got introduced to Career Success Australia and their internship and career coaching programs. Naren helped me in obtaining an internship at a civil & construction company in Camberwell, Melbourne. He went the

Vidhushun Vijay
Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

“The best Career Coaches in Australia”

jairo 150x150 1 150x150 1
I found Career Success Australia and started their Career Coaching program after spending a year without being able to get a job. The engineering market in 2016 was tough in Australia so they organised an internship for me with a leading mining company. After my

Jairo Ramirez
Metallurgical Engineer, Brisbane

Information Technology

What Our Client Say

“Thank you for the Internship”

Sandeep 150x150 1 150x150 1

As an international student, it’s not easy to get a job in Australia. Through Career Success Australia I got a data analyst internship with a global company. Naren continues to mentor me on my internship which has given me lots of

Sandeep Kumar Popuri
Data Analyst Graduate, Melbourne

“Top IT Internship!”

Sooraj 150x150 1 150x150 1
After struggling to secure a job, I found Career Success Australia, which helped me land an internship that eventually led to my next IT job. I thank Naren for helping me when needed and would recommend everyone who is actively looking for professional roles to

Sooraj Sanka
IT Graduate, Melbourne

“My internship became a job offer!”

poornima 150x150 1 150x150 1
I couldn’t get a job for 2 years after my degree at La Trobe Uni – so I joined Career Success Australia for an internship. After three months the host company offered me a full-time position. I can’t explain the feeling to finally get a

Poornima Vijaykumar
IT Analyst, Melbourne

“Internship with top IT firm”

Remya 150x150 1 150x150 1
I came from India and couldn’t get any jobs. Naren’s team got my internship in IT managed services in a big IT company. I had a great mentor who then hired me full time after my Internship. It was an amazing program that boosted me

Remya Pillai
IT Systems Analyst, Melbourne

“Hired by my host company!”

rajasree 150x150 1 150x150 1

The Career Success Australia team found my internship as an analyst. I worked hard for 12 weeks while doing the internship and they decided to keep me. I’m glad to have my first full-time Analyst

Rajasree Telukuti
Data Analyst, Melbourne

“Well supported for my Internship”

jacob 150x150 1.jpg 1

Career Success Australia has played a huge part in helping me secure employment as a UI/UX Designer. Thank you Pearl, Naren, Langdon, and Donna for the amazing

Maheshwari Iyer
UI/UX Designer, Melbourne

“Secured the best Data Analyst job!”

New Project 14
I had a passion for information technology so I pursued my masters in IT in Australia and graduated feeling confident about getting a job. However, I tried for many months to secure a job as a BA, Support Analyst and even Data Analyst, but I

Data Analyst, Graduate Melbourne

“Excellent Career Coaching Service”

vidya 150x150 1 150x150 1
I was worried about getting a job after moving from the US and India even though I had the global experience. For months I tried on my own with no interviews. Then after Naren and his team fixed my Resume I started to get results

Vidya Pai
IT Project Manager, Sydney

“Job with a Big 4 Consulting firm”

grace 150x150 1 150x150 1
Naren’s work on my Resume was magic. He goes the extra mile when needed the most (before the interviews, applying for a job at short notice). His practice sessions before the interviews were amazing and helped me get my first job at a Big 4

Grace Joshi
Data Analyst, Melbourne

“The Careers Support was spot on”

jason 150x150 1 150x150 1
I arrived in Australia from the UK with my family. I started Career Coaching which really helped me get interviews for Oracle DBA roles. Finally, I received an offer to join a global IT company. I’m working in my field in Melbourne and am so

Jason Ashcroft
Oracle DBA, Melbourne

“Best Career Mentoring from day 1”

bKate1 150x150 1 150x150 1
I completed the Career Coaching Program with Naren. He customised my Resume and cover letter for the IT industry. I got called for two interviews within a week of sending my application out! Naren made the whole job-seeking process so easy and helped me get

Kate Cui
IT Support Analyst, Melbourne

“Glad I took Career Coaching”

Setareh 150x150 1 150x150 1
I found it tough to get a new job after my contract finished so I joined the Career Success Australia Career Coaching program with Naren. We worked hard on my Resume and interview skills and I recently received two job offers for different software developer

Setareh Rajaee
Software Developer, Melbourne

“Job offer in 5 weeks”

Guru 150x150 1 150x150 1
Thanks to the Career Coaching program I got a job after arriving in Australia within 5 weeks. Naren was generous with his time and he just knows how to customise your application to get through the tough selection process. I’ve been working with one of

Guru Karnam
Oracle Developer, Melbourne

“I secured a great IT Internship”

Krishna Chiluveru 150x150 1

Definitely the best consultancy and fantastic people who support you throughout the process. Naren helped me start my internship with a good opportunity as an IT & Networking

Krishna Chiluveru
IT Support/Network Operations, Melbourne

“My BA Internship converted to a job offer”

Suba Rajendran 150x150 1
If you’re stuck at sourcing an internship or a job, I’d highly recommend CSA over other career coaches. I ended up getting a job at the company I was interning. I believe mine is a motivating situation, a three month internship converted to a job

Suba Rajendran
IT Consultant, Melbourne

“Thank you Career Success Australia”

Ranjit Rajendran

Even as a newcomer to Australia with many years of IT and Software Testing experience, I could not land a job. I contacted CSA who helped from start to end to get into the professional IT market here. Thank you guys for the

Ranjith Rajendran
Software Test Analyst, Melbourne

“Landed on a fulltime job”

kapil verma.jpg

I went through Career Success Australia for my Software Development Internship. I am glad to say I was offered a full-time job with my host company after my

Kapil Verma
Software Developer, Melbourne

“Best Support”

Aditya Kachroo.jpg

I was well supported by Career Success Australia to get into my field of IT as a developer. Naren and the team were great the whole way through the process to get a full-time job in

Aditya Kachroo
DevOps Engineer, Melbourne

“Highly Recommended Internships”

Sharan 150x150 1 150x150 1
Naren helped me get my first internship. After I finished the internship, I applied for several jobs and recently started my new job in IT. I’m glad I met Naren who is a mentor to me. I have since progressed my career to become a

Sharan Sai
Tech Support Engineer, Melbourne

“The best career mentors”

sunil monash 150x150 1 150x150 1
I received a called for an interview and was a bit nervous because I hadn’t been to an interview in many years. Naren taught me all about behavioural and technical interview questions and how to answer them. We also covered the ‘ice breaker’ question and

Sunil Kumar
Business Analyst, Melbourne

“Amazing Career Coaching”

nash 150x150 1 150x150 1
Getting a job as a skilled migrant was so hard because of the local experience issue. I was hesitant to join Career Success Australia but I decided I needed the edge. We worked so hard over 12 weeks to get interviews and finally it paid

Nasir Siddiqui
Business Analyst, Melbourne

“Landed an IT job so fast!”

Ayantha 150x150 1 150x150 1

Thanks to Career Success Australia I got into a good IT internship with a growing finance and tech firm in the city. I worked hard and got offered an FT job as a BA. Thanks, Naren and team for helping

Ayantha Munaweera
Business Analyst, Melbourne

“Big thank you”

jacob 150x150 1.jpg

The Internship I did in UI/UX was great as I got involved in real-world design projects which has really boosted my career as a UX

Sushanth Kannan
UI/UX Designer, Melbourne

“Best Career Mentoring from day 1”

Aniket 150x150 1
As a fresh graduate, I was worried about getting a job. Even though I did have some solid IT experience from back home, I heard that the market was hard to get jobs in Australia, especially when you don’t have local IT industry experience, so

Aniket Tamhankar
IT Internships client

“Best Career Coaching by far”

Hari CJ 150x150 1
I came across Career Success Australia through my education and migration agent back in India. I heard some good reviews on how this internship company for IT students helps you get jobs. So, I decided to book my face-to-face internship session to learn more about

Hari CJ
IT Internships client

“Help landing on an amazing job”

MicrosoftTeams image 1.jpg

Getting a job as an international graduate was tough, but through the Internship program with Career Success Australia I landed an amazing job in my field as a Data

Ashish Oza
Data Analyst, Melbourne

“Great Career Coaching experience!”

Suraj Kannan e1685620780789
I am happy to recommend Career Success Australia for their IT Internship & Career Coaching Program. I had good fortune getting coached by Langdon and Naren who guided me through to a great internship and then helped with my career strategy and job hunting. I thought

Suraj Kannan
Internship & Career Coaching client, Melbourne

“Wonderful IT Internship experience”

New Project 12 150x150 1
When I graduated with my IT degree, I was applying for jobs but didn’t have any luck. I was wondering why I couldn’t get any interviews, so I got some help from Career Success Australia who recommended doing an IT Internship program to gain some

Ishoo Bhardwaj
IT Internships client, Brisbane

“Excellent Career Training Program”

justin 150x150 1 150x150 1 1

I struggled on my own after coming from Malaysia. I found Career Success Australia who gave me the confidence and boosted my job applications and I soon got my first job

Justin Tan
Reporting Analyst, Melbourne

Other Industries

What Our Client Say

“One-to-one Career Coaching helped me!”

Ofir 150x150 1 150x150 1 1
Thanks to Career Success Australia, Naren and my coaching team for helping me get my next job in the state government. The career coaching process teaches you how to get employed quickly. I was able to get my job offer within just a few weeks

Ofir Saavedra
QA Manager, Melbourne

“Secured Employment Fast!”

ada lan 150x150 1 150x150 1 1
I graduated as an international student and found it hard to get a good job. I even paid money to a Resume writer! But that didn’t work. I then started the Career Coaching Program. With Naren’s help, I had three interviews and got offered a

Ada Lan
GIS Analyst, Melbourne

“I received a job offer!”

Zulfiyaa Career Success Australia 150x150 1
I met Career Success Australia at my University careers event and they were so kind to organise my internship with a food sustainability company to follow my dreams and passions in this area. The experience I’ve had has been great. As a new migrant to

Zulfiyaa Abbaszade
Marketing Coordinator, Sydney

“Internship with a global pharma company!”

Thanuri Jeevananda 150x150 1
A friend of mine recommended CSA, to land my first job in Australia. In two weeks’ time, Naren and his team found me an internship at a great company which later turned into a job opportunity. I am grateful for Naren, his team and my

Thanuri Jeevananda
Biotechnology, Melbourne

“Top Biotech Internship!”

Rahul Patel 150x150 1 150x150 1
I found out about Career Success Australia and Naren helped me secure an internship at a leading food tech company in Melbourne. After completing my internship, they offered me paid work in their lab which is what helped me get my dream job. The investment

Rahul Patel
Biotechnology Graduate, Brisbane

“Great Support from CSA”

New Project 2 2

The biotechnology internship support from Career Success Australia was great. I was given one-on-one guidance throughout the program which gave me confidence in my Resume and Interview skills, which has helped me secure employment in my field of

Harshitha Kumar
Lab Technician, Sydney

“Amazing experience!”

Elisa Muzii 150x150 1
It was great to meet Naren at the Melbourne University International student event. He gave me and the group of students great advice and information. He was very helpful in finding me a terrific internship in my field of study and I just started last

Elisa Muzii
Environmental Ethics Student, Melbourne

“Amazing Internship Program”

New Project 1
The Internship Program was amazing as I was placed at a global laboratory and pharma company. I ended up getting a job with CSL and then I was offered a better role with my host company! It’s been an amazing internship journey through Career Success

Thanuri Jeevananda
Lab Assistant, Melbourne

“Best Career Coaching by far”

Janet 150x150 1 150x150 1
The Career Coaching program taught me exactly how to get job interviews. It’s a tough process with the Coaching team but they make sure you have every aspect covered. Through the support, I got an interview quickly and finally a job offer! Thank you Naren

Janet Zhang
Education & Client Support

“Great Career Advice!”

I really enjoyed the different topics at the workshop. Naren was very professional and a great presenter. My favorite part of the workshop was learning about the interview process. Naren really helped us learn about all the tricky parts about finding work in Australia which

Yue Xiao (Claire)
Teaching Graduate, Melbourne

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