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A 12-week Engineering Internships Program is the fastest way to get practical engineering experience & employment!

Engineering Internships

Your Engineering Internship starts with Career Success Australia

Career Success Australia is one of the largest and Victorian government recommended career coaching & engineering Internships specialists in Australia, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We have helped 1000+ Engineering interns secure engineering internships and jobs in Australia.

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How will the Engineering Internships Program help you get Employment?

Getting a graduate role in Engineering is difficult when you don’t have engineering industry experience. That’s why more and more engineering graduates are completing Engineering Internships.

Our Engineering Internships Program includes: 

  • Engineering Career & Job Training
  • Access to Australia’s best Engineering companies
  • 12 weeks’ hands-on Engineering internship experience
  • The competitive edge you need to secure employment in Engineering

Popular Types of Engineering Internships

Software Engineering

  • Full Stack Developer Internships
  • Database Developer Internships
  • Systems Engineering Internships
  • Cyber Security Internships
  • Front End Developer Internships
  • Back End Developer Internships

Network Engineering

  • Network Administrator Internships
  • Network Security Internships
  • Telecommunications Engineering Internships
  • Network Operations Internships

Chemical & Environmental Engineering

  • Water Engineering Internships
  • Process Engineering Internships
  • Quality Control Internships
  • Environmental Engineer Internship
  • Sustainability Engineering Internship

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Design Internships
  • FEA Internship
  • Fluid Dynamics Internship
  • HVAC Internships
  • Manufacturing Internships

Civil Engineering

  • Construction Management Internships
  • Structural Design Internships
  • Surveying Internships
  • Estimation Internships
  • Quantity Surveying Internships
  • Geotechnical Internships

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • PCB Design Engineering Internships
  • Electrical Design Internships
  • PLC Internships
  • Circuit Board Design Internships
  • Power Systems Internships

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Current Engineering Internships on offer

Our Host Company Partners regularly advertise their Engineering Internships with us each week. See below for the latest Engineering Internships in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Hobart.

Looking to get experience in Mechanical Engineering? At this mid-size Mechanical Engineering firm, you’ll get to use the practical and creative skills you learned at uni (AutoCAD & SolidWorks) while getting hands-on experience with all the tools of the Engineering trade.

Mechanical Engineering Internship Responsibilities

  • You will have a strong grasp of engineering design including skills in CAD/CAM in Catia, AutoCAD and Solidworks
  • Support process improvement projects in mechanical design and production
  • Ability to perform FEA Analysis
  • Reading and interpreting engineering drawings using Solidworks and AutoCAD
  • Supporting quality assurance and quality control and preparing technical documentation
  • Designing components including fixtures and grippers and supporting LEAN manufacturing

What you will learn on your Mechanical Engineering Internship

  • Essential skills in Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Exposure to manufacturing and production in a LEAN environment
  • Skills in engineering project management
  • Real-world application of mechanical engineering, quality control and testing

Gain 12 weeks of hands-on Mechanical Engineering experience with a leading Mechanical Engineering Design firm to start your engineering career.  To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Mechanical Engineering Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Mechanical Engineering Internships Consultation.

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Start your career in civil engineering with this exciting civil engineering internships program with an industry-leading construction firm. As part of a supportive team, you’ll assist with design, estimating, scheduling, and project management of residential and commercial projects

Civil Engineering Internship Responsibilities

  • Support civil and structural design projects using AutoCAD, Revit and Structural Design software such as RAPT and MicroStation
  • Estimating and costing for residential and commercial projects
  • Project scheduling and site engineering and inspections
  • Preparing engineering documentation including for tenders and council submissions
  • Procurement and materials costing

What you will learn on your Civil Engineering Internship

  • Tendering process and all stages of construction management
  • Site inspections and reading/checking plans and permits
  • Estimation software such as Bluebeam and Cost X
  • Engaging with subcontractors and builders
  • Scheduling and project managing residential and commercial projects

Join one of Australia’s best civil and construction firms as a Civil Engineering Intern for 12 weeks to get industry experience. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Civil Engineering Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Civil Engineering Internships Consultation.

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Love working with electronics and electrical systems? During this Electrical and Electronics Engineering Internship, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to gain experience in the electrical and electronics engineering field, working on a range of electrical and electronics projects to hone key skills in design, development, production, and maintenance.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Internships Responsibilities

  • Support a range of electrical and electronics engineering projects including HV, LV, OHL and power station design and construction
  • Design and simulation of a standalone smart energy grid, and high voltage transmission design with Engage in electrical design using AutoCAD and support lighting design work
  • Depending on your skills, you will assist in PLC and PCB projects
  • Support quality control and testing of electrical systems and components
  • Preparing electrical schematics, layouts, structural drawings, and implementing PLC’s drawings.

What you will learn on your Electrical & Electronics Engineering Internship

  • Electrical design using AutoCAD
  • Quality power transmission with the use of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) with storage system
  • Electrical drawings and documentation
  • Electrical system performance improvement, cost estimation, and project management

If you want to become an Electrical or Electronics Engineer, this Internship is the best place to start. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Engineering Internship Consultation.

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Do you love all things programming? We’ve got just the Software Engineering Internship opportunity for you. As a Software Engineering Intern, you’ll get hands-on experience learning multiple programming languages. You’ll work closely with business analysts and clients to prepare technical specifications and gather requirements, while building applications with the latest technology.

Software Engineering Internship Responsibilities

  • Support full-stack development activities including programming and testing
  • Database development using SQL
  • Front end design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Working with Business Analysts and clients to gather requirements and prepare technical specifications
  • Building robust web applications using the latest technology stacks including Angular

What you will learn as a Software Engineering Intern

  • Skills in software development using the latest technologies including ReactJS
  • Work in a dynamic team where you will get hands-on experience across the full SDLC
  • Gain insight into product testing using Automation techniques
  • Learn how to build robust applications integrating with cloud technology such as AWS and Azure

The Software Engineering Internships Program (3-months) can help kick-start your IT career. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Software Engineering Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Software Engineering Internship Consultation.

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A leading Network Engineering firm, specialising in wireless, cloud and telecommunications Engineering has an exciting network engineering internship available. As a Network Engineering Intern, you’ll learn how to plan, develop and implement network systems as part of a network operations team and learn how to troubleshoot core networking issues.

Networking Engineering Internship Responsibilities

  • Support a team of Network Engineers to monitor network performance
  • Setting up network infrastructure for commercial premises
  • Testing network stability and troubleshooting network issues
  • Routing and switching and integration of wireless systems
  • Network design and security

What you will learn as a Network Engineering Intern

  • Gain experience in network design, operations and support
  • Learn network operations and monitoring systems to ensure network stability
  • Hands-on experience working in a network operations environment and providing technical support to clients
  • Ability to apply network security in a real-world setting

This 12-week Network Engineering Internship opportunity is suited to network or telecommunications engineering students and graduates. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Network Engineering Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Network Engineering Internships Consultation.

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If you’re looking for a job in the growing field of Chemical or Environmental Engineering, this engineering internship with an industry leader is key. You’ll learn key skills in process engineering, industrial ecology, waste recovery, environmental modelling, and more.

Chemical & Environmental Engineering Internship Responsibilities

  • Support projects and activities in Polymer Engineering, Organic Chemistry and Process Engineering
  • Process Simulation using ASPEN to design and optimise chemical processes
  • Creating preliminary and feasibility reports as well as using learnt theory in process safety, environmental management, and economic analysis to design processing equipment and control systems
  • Process control and instrumentation. Plus, fieldwork, sampling and testing

What you will learn as a Chemical or Environmental Engineering

  • Hands-on experience in organic chemistry, process engineering and polymer engineering
  • Use chemical engineering software such as ASPEN plus, ANSYS workbench and Simulink
  • Build your skills in reporting, testing and engineering documentation
  • Undertake fieldwork and laboratory testing

We have several chemical and environmental engineering companies keen to offer internships to chemical and environmental engineering students and graduates. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Premium Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To learn more about the Internships Program, please click the button below to complete a short Careers Assessment and to book your free Internship Consultation.

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What’s Included in the Engineering Internships Program

Professional Internship in the field

Professional Internship in the field

Access to 500+ Companies

Access to 500+ Companies

Training from Top Australian Professionals

Training from Top Australian Professionals

Professional Resume that will get 3X more interviews

Professional Resume that will get 3X more interviews

Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible Work Schedule

One to One Interview Training

One to One Interview Training

Access to Learning Systems, Career Resources and Engineering training

Access to Learning Systems, Career Resources and Engineering training

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We have 200+ Engineering Internships available in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering & Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Book a free consultation & learn more about our Engineering Internships!

So how does the

Engineering Internships Program work?

Internship Preparation

First, we create your brand new Engineering Internships Resume and LinkedIn profile and prepare you for your Engineering Internships interview.

Host Company Sourcing

After your Preparation, we contact suitable Engineering companies and arrange your Engineering Internships interview.

Placement Confirmation

After your interview, if you and the host company are happy to proceed, you start your Engineering Internship!

Internship Support

Above all, we continue to support you throughout your placement to ensure you are progressing.

After Internship

If you don’t get a job with your host company, we can certainly help you gain employment through our Career Coaching Program.

Engineering Internships
Success Stories

I found a few internship companies and chose Career Success Australia to help me. I found them to be professional and knew my industry. I got an internship in a materials science company that turned into casual employment. I think that boosted my career profile as I got a Full-Time job in another company soon after.


Chemical Engineering Graduate / Melbourne
After my Masters at Melbourne Uni, I couldn’t get a job. Even with 3 years of engineering experience in Singapore, it was hard. I joined Naren and his team to do coaching and internship. I got a placement in 2 months and then joined the company in 2018. I am still working in the same company as an Engineering one year later!


Electronics Engineer / Melbourne
Simon and I joined Career Coaching together! It was a wonderful experience and we both ended up getting jobs in our field through Naren and the team’s help. Recommend to all migrants who need help to land a job quickly.


Chemical Engineer / Melbourne
I saw Career Success Australia online and spoke to Naren. I was convinced he could help me and Avalyn so we did their coaching course on careers. I am glad to say our investment paid off as we both got jobs in our midfield.


Chemical Engineer / Melbourne

Engineering Internship – FAQs

Everything you need to know about Engineering Internships

An Engineering Internship is the best way to gain real-world engineering industry experience. To get a job in Engineering, it’s vital to have practical engineering experience. A 12-week Engineering Internship will give you the industry experience you need to pathway into employment as an Engineer. In addition, Engineering Internships give you access to engineering training, industry connections, and job references!

Yes, absolutely!

If you can arrange 2-3 days from your schedule, you might be able to apply for a part-time Engineering internship. You can also do a full-time Engineering Internship during semester break or holidays.

Ideally, it’s best to get Engineering experience during your degree or as soon as you graduate. Employers look to hire graduates who have engineering experience, so completing an Engineering Internships Program while you study is a smart choice to enhance your career profile.

The sooner you complete an Engineering Internship, the better.

It is better to do an Engineering Internship while studying or soon after you finish your course. Students who have industry experience in Engineering get hired faster after graduation.

Most Engineering degrees require 12-weeks of Engineering Internship experience as part of the course, so you should start the process of enrolling in an Engineering Internships program sooner than later.

Engineering Internships may be considered as course credit and maybe a requirement to gain Engineers Australia accreditation. You can speak to your University about converting your Engineering Internships Program for course credit.

An Engineering Internship is a terrific opportunity to apply your theoretical engineering knowledge in real-world settings under the guidance of an Engineering Manager while doing your Engineering Internships Program.

Career Success Australia provides Engineering Internships across all engineering disciplines.

This includes Engineering Internships in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Biomedical, Environmental Engineering, and Software Engineering Internships.

We work with Engineering companies who offer 12-week Internships for students and graduates to support them in their careers.

You can choose to complete your Engineering Internships Program in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin.

Engineering projects are taking place right around Australia. Think bridges, road, rail, power, chemical, infrastructure, biodiversity, hydro, renewables, energy, housing, and gas. If you’re keen to pursue an internship in your home state or interstate, we can help.

Complete our free Careers Assessment to find out more!

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