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As one of Australia’s top Careers Consulting firms, our mission is to help you beat the competition and secure your dream job faster. 


Our Career Coaching & Internship Team has  50+  years of corporate experience in helping students, graduates, and mature-age job seekers secure full-time jobs in Australia.


We have strategic partnerships with  1000+  Host companies and employers in IT, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, and more.

Careers Specialists

We support you one-on-one through our Internships and Career Coaching Programs to help you secure employment in your field.

Employment in Australia

Our Careers Counselling & Industry Placement Team has helped  2000+  job seekers secure employment in Australia.

5-Star GOOGLE Reviews

We have  250+  Five Star Google reviews. Our personalised Career coaching and Internships program will help you secure employment quickly.

Qualified Career Counselling, Coaching & Australian Internships

Career Coaching Program

Our Career Coaching & Career Counselling Services assist you in identifying the careers, courses and jobs that best match your interests and career goals.

Our Career Coaching & Career Counselling Services team can help you get hired 3X faster in:

Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Brisbane | Adelaide | Darwin | Gold Coast | Canberra | Hobart

Our Career Coaching Programs include:

  • One-on-One Career Coaching to help you get a job
  • Keyword-optimised Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn profile
  • Unlimited job application customisations
  • Access to the hidden job market
  • Networking tactics to get jobs directly with companies
  • Ongoing support until you get a job!

96% of our clients have secured employment in their field through our Career Coaching Program.

Program Director

Naren Chellappah

Head Career Coach

Langdon Rodda

Career Coach

Tracy Busse

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Internships in Australia

Internships In Australia

90% of Australian employers value practical experience more than theoretical knowledge. Our Internship in Australia Program helps students and graduates gain real-world industry experience. The best companies in Australia are looking for graduates with practical experience. Our Internship Program provides you with the experience you need to succeed in your career.

Our Industry Placement Team can help you get hired 4X faster in:

Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Brisbane | Adelaide | Darwin | Gold Coast | Canberra | Hobart

Our Internship in Australia Program provides you with:

  • Access to 1,000+ host companies
  • Career counselling & industry training resources
  • Brand new Resume & LinkedIn profile
  • One-on-One Interview Training
  • Referrals to Australia’s top companies
  • 12-week Internship with a company in your field
  • Job references from your host company
  • Opportunity to get hired after your Internship in Australia

92% of our Interns were hired by their host company or a new company within 3 months of completing their Internship.

Program Director

Naren Chellappah

Careers Advisor

Pearl Doronila

Internship Program Coordinator

Donna Hannaford

Internship to Job Conversion

Satisfaction Rate

Candidates Placed

Host Companies

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Meet the Career Coaching & Internships

Team of Experts

Naren Chellappah

Program Director

Naren is an expert Career Coach and has held leadership roles at Australia’s top universities including Monash, Swinburne and Melbourne University.

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Langdon Rodda

Head Career Coach

Head Career Coach Langdon works with you one-to-one to help you get employment. Langdon provides expert career advice and guidance

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Pearl Doronila

Careers Advisor

Pearl is a HR & Recruitment Specialist with 10+ years of experience working with leading companies in end-to-end recruitment. Pearl helps you one-to-one to prepare for your Internship.

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Donna Hannaford

Internship Program Coordinator

Donna is one of Career Success Australia’s Industry Partnerships Coordinators and arranges placements for students and graduates all around Australia.

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Our Success Stories

I’d like to thank Naren and Career Success Australia for helping me secure a great Internship in IT & Networking. It was a great experience and a great service for all students and graduates to start their career.

Brijesh Dadhania

NOC Engineer, Melbourne

Career Success Australia helped me find a wonderful internship at a major finance company in Sydney. I worked with senior finance staff and I’m pleased to say they offered me employment. I have since changed industries into Project Management. Naren and the team have guided me through this transition too. This wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary effort of the Career Success Australia team.

Stanley Kommo

Project Manager, Sydney

I tried for many months on my own to get interviews and a more senior job. I had one interview after so many applications. Even with Australian experience, I found it tough. The Career Success Australia team turned my situation around. They helped me with every aspect from Resume to Cover Letter and LinkedIn. I did well in my last interview and they offered me the job which I have been in for 3 months now.

Anu Yadav

Procurement Specialist, Melbourne

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After your Careers Consultation, you will receive your Program Agreement to review and complete. Once completed, our Career Coaching & Internships team will contact you to get started!


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Start your Internship or Career Coaching program with us to secure employment in your field.

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Career Success Australia – FAQs


We specialise in helping students, graduates and experienced professionals secure job interviews and job offers. We offer Internships (work experience) and Career Coaching programs which are designed specifically to help you get employment in your field.

The whole purpose of doing an internship is to get local experience and a local reference.

Without local experience, it’s very difficult to get a job.

An internship (even unpaid) will help you compete against the other 100+ applicants who already have local experience.

About 70% of our interns receive a weekly allowance ($150-$200) for travel and meals.

One of our Interns Liz Nguyen, an Electrical Engineer with valuable overseas experience, received a $600/week allowance on her internship!

While we try to arrange a small stipend to cover meals/travel, internships are generally unpaid. The main benefit is gaining local experience and local referees.

Some companies provide the allowance – others don’t. An internship’s key purpose is to get your foot in the door which could lead to a full-time job.

Like other professional services, there are fees for our Career Coaching and Internship programs. Our Career Coaching team and Internships team work with you one-on-one to help you secure industry placements, job interviews and job offers. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. We operate Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and offer support to secure you employment.

We have placed a number of international students on 485 post-study work visas on internships. Many of these students have been offered full-time jobs after their internship too. It’s difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Yes, of course!

Your Resume is one of the first documents recruiters and hiring managers read. We work with you on every single word, sentence and paragraph to ensure your Resume is keyword-optimised, application tracking software (ATS) friendly, and full of rich and quantifiable information to help you get shortlisted for the interview stage.

We also customise your Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile – which are equally important!

We are a State Government recommended Careers & Employment Services Provider and specialise in helping all job seekers secure internships and jobs. Unlike other providers, we work with you one-on-one to customise and implement a tailored careers plan that will help you secure job interviews and job offers.

Your career goals, situation and profile are unique, and require a customised strategy, not a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide one-on-one support until you get a job.

In addition to customising each and every job application, we refer you to companies in our network for internships and jobs. You have a dedicated coach and mentor who helps you every day of the week!

We first started as a boutique Career Coaching firm helping international students and graduates get jobs. This group of job seekers face considerable challenges in getting professional employment in Australia. They face visa issues, challenges with communication skills and employer bias (compared to domestic job seekers). We have carefully developed a blueprint to help any type of job seeker succeed in getting a job. We have helped hundreds upon hundreds of job seekers to secure employment (even the most disadvantaged).

Career Success Australia has more than 50 years of career coaching and industry experience in corporate Australia. We know exactly what recruiters and hiring managers want, and will help you secure employment in your field.

Getting a job requires strategy, a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck! Guaranteeing a job for our clients is tough because there are many factors out of our control. For example, economic and job market conditions, your unique level of experience, and your qualifications.

COVID-19 is just one example of the factors outside of our control. Our Internship and Career Coaching programs require a ‘team effort’ from us and you. We have some clients who are proactive and spend 5 hours a day on our Career Coaching program, and others who may spend only 5 hours a week.

The more you put in, the more you will get out. We know some clients want a job guarantee, which is why we offer our Career Coaching Unlimited Program. This program provides ongoing support until you get a job offer!

Others continue on with a part-time internship while job searching.

We recommend that you update your Resume after 8 weeks at your internship to include your new responsibilities/skills/experience and new referees.

It’s easier to get hired while you are still working in your field (either paid or unpaid), so you’ll want to begin your job search before you complete your internship.

The worst case scenario is you don’t find a job within six months of completing your internship. You won’t have current experience and may need to do another internship! However, we have a plan to help prevent this, because doing more than one internship in a year is ineffective. The goal is to use your recent internship experience to get your next job.

Some of our interns prefer to job search on their own. Others enrol in our Custom Career Coaching to get one-on-one support to secure job interviews and offers.

We offer a comprehensive package that includes:
– New Resume and Cover Letter
– 20 customised job applications
– Referrals to companies in our network who are looking for people with your skills and experience
– Job interview training
– LinkedIn optimisation and training to find jobs in the hidden job market

Most of our clients who completed their internship and went on to career coaching successfully landed jobs within 3 months.

Every client is different. We work with recent graduates with no experience at all, as well as senior executives with 20+ years of professional experience.

The time it takes us to get you a job depends on many factors like your experience, skills, and qualifications. However, on average, it typically takes 12 – 14 weeks from the time of enrolment to when you can expect a job offer.

A number of clients we’re working with at the moment are practicing and refreshing their skills in critical industry software and technical skills, such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, BlueBeam, Xero, MYOB, Google Analytics and Canva. Improving your skills in areas that are in hot demand will fast-track you into employment.

While you update and refresh your technical skills, we will simultaneously help you with your job search strategy, interview training and customised job applications.

The combination of our Career Coaching & Internships support will ensure you secure job interviews and a job offer quickly.

Career Success Australia has helped over 2,000 job seekers with their careers. We have helped them secure employment in a number of ways, including Careers Masterclass workshops, Internships, Career Coaching and presentations.

Some job seekers are able to secure employment on their own. Many need mentoring, guidance and coaching to be able to compete with the hundreds of other candidates in the market.

Finding a job is competitive, so having professional support can often be the difference between getting an offer and missing out.

We help you every step of the way – from Resume, Cover Letter writing, job application customisations, LinkedIn, networking strategies, interview training, and organising internships, if you need more experience.

Paying a Careers Services firm like Career Success Australia is an investment in your career. Our goal is to help you get hired faster so that you can start working and earning ASAP.

Complete our free Careers Assessment to find out more!