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Are you passionate about Mechanical Engineering? Begin your career with a Mechanical Engineering Internship and gain 12 weeks of professional experience with Top Engineering firms in Australia.

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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineer with a 12-Week Internship today!

As one of Australia’s leading Mechanical Engineering Internship providers, Career Success Australia has helped 1000+ Mechanical Engineering students and graduates secure amazing internships and full-time jobs in the Mechanical Engineering industry right across Australia.

With a vast network of partnerships with Mechanical Engineering firms in Australia, our students and graduates have secured Mechanical Engineering internships and jobs in Automotive Engineering, Production Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design, Mechatronics & Robotics, and Quality Assurance Engineering.

This valuable 12-week Mechanical Engineering Internships Program will provide you with an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world projects. Mechanical Engineering Internships are a great way for you to elevate your skills in Lucidchart, EdrawMax, CATIA, FEA, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks.

How can a Mechanical Engineering Internship

Help you get hired quickly?

An internship in Mechanical Engineering in Australia will provide you with a competitive edge and distinguish you from other candidates when pursuing internships and jobs in the field. It will serve as a stepping stone towards building a successful career in engineering internships

Your Mechanical Engineering Internship will equip you with hands-on Mechanical Engineering experience in areas such as 3D design, modelling, manufacturing, testing, QA and prototyping. A Mechanical Engineering Internship in Australia is the best way to put your engineering theory into practice!

The Mechanical Engineering Program in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth has helped thousands of Mechanical Engineering students and graduates secure full-time employment in Engineering in Australia.

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Our Mechanical Engineering Internships Program Includes:


On-Site Training

Gain practical and on-site experience as a Mechanical Engineering Intern for 12 weeks with Top Australian engineering companies.


Career Training

Our career training will enhance your Mechanical Engineering Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and will prepare you for employment in Mechanical Engineering in Australia. 

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Get Hired 4x Faster

The Mechanical Engineering Internships Program offers networking opportunities with senior professionals from Australia’s best engineering firms. As a Mechanical Engineering Intern, you have a 92% chance of securing employment in Mechanical Engineering with your host company.


Mechanical Engineering Experience

Get hands-on, technical experience in the latest tools, systems and software during your Mechanical Engineering Internship, such as SolidWorks, Mathcad, ANSYS, Nastran, MATLAB and MechaniCalc.

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Become Job-Ready

Gain 12 weeks of essential experience as a Mechanical Engineering Intern in a range of areas such as Automotive Engineering, Robotics, Aerospace Engineering and Supply Chain Engineering. 


Impress Employers!

Your Mechanical Engineering Internship will add value to your Resume & LinkedIn profile to help you get more job interviews!

Mechanical Engineering Internship Opportunities!

Mechanical Engineering Internships

Career Success Australia works with engineering firms across various fields. An opening has come up in the market for the role of a Solidworks Design Engineering Intern in a mid-sized machinery and equipment manufacturing company. The 12-week internship involves hands-on engineering design work incorporating automation and robotics supporting the production and delivery of machinery and ancillary equipment.
  • Designing machinery and allied industrial equipment using Solidworks
  • Supporting and helping draft and edit P&ID using software such as Lucidchart and EdrawMax
  • Performing design reviews and risk assessments with senior engineers and production managers, and providing on-site workshop assistance
  • Liaising with clients and presenting value propositions to customers
  • Experience in mechatronics and industrial design for FMCGs and New Product Integration

  • Deep skills in SolidWorks and software training

  • Experience in P&ID drafting with a focus on designing pneumatic circuits

  • Knowledge of DFM and Lean principles

This amazing 12-week Mechanical Engineering Internships Program will provide you with the experience you need to start your future in engineering. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Automotive Engineering Internships

Career Success Australia has collaborations with several automotive design companies that offer a variety of design engineering internship roles. There is an opportunity for an entry-level mechanical engineering graduate to be a part of a team of talented automotive engineers for a 12-week internship to assist with the design and execution of various automotive parts.
  • Designing and producing a variety of products, including creating technical specifications, release drawings, and carrying out research & development activities

  • Creating 3D modelling using SolidWorks and AutoCAD

  • Receiving product design and assessing viability for production. Initiating and handling production trials, and in some cases, assisting with fabrication or component design

  • Reviewing product test results, and liaising with senior engineers and specialists to carry out production smoothly

  • How to work with production line design from start to finish

  • Experience with design testing and assessment, and a chance to work with a formal design validation process

  • How to evaluate different types of manufacturing methods and carrying out virtual validation testing for various designs

This exciting 3-month Automotive Engineering Internship Program will kick-start your career in the Mechanical Engineering field. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Supply Chain Management Internships

A 12-week supply chain management internship is on offer for an entry-level graduate or student at a well-known construction and transportation firm. The role involves managing the company’s supply chain and logistics strategy, optimising the production chain and managing inventory and stock for the production line.
  • Assisting with the development of a supply chain strategy aligned to business objectives

  • Assisting senior engineers with managing planning of procurement and supply chain activities, inventory control, logistics and distribution to avoid delays and overheads

  • Conducting risk assessments for all suppliers and products and to ensure alternate supply channels are in place

  • Reviewing and evaluating inventory on a regular basis, and liaising with vendors and supply partners

  • Experience with inventory management, sourcing, vendor engagement and product evaluation

  • How to negotiate and liaise skills, and work with relevant stakeholders to optimise the supply chain

  • How to map supply chains to identify opportunities and reduce supply disruption.

  • Knowledge of the Australian supply chain industry, with opportunities to network across industries and with vendors

This valuable 12-week Supply Chain Management Internship Program will help you pursue your career in Mechanical Engineering. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Production Engineering Internships

This internship is an amazing opportunity for an aspiring Production Engineer! One of our engineering host companies is looking for a Production Engineering graduate or Engineering student for a 12-week Internship at their workplace. The role involves production design and management of ROVs and Intervention tooling designs and systems.
  • Managing projects, including resource planning, procurement of materials and OEM parts, coordinating with internal and external suppliers and testing

  • Assisting with engineering design and drafting P&ID using SolidWorks, and offering recommendations for efficient production

  • Carrying out load tests, pressure tests, factory acceptance tests and other compliance measures according to standards

  • Developing built drawings, compiling data reports for manufacturers, developing certifications and progress reports

  • Experience with 3D CAD software such as SolidWorks and others such as Epicor ERP

  • Experience in FMEA (Process and Design) and in Lean Manufacturing

  • How to create reports, documents and certifications, and understand standard compliance measures in the industry

  • How to work with seasoned engineers, contributing to professional development

This amazing 3-month Production Engineering Internship Program will provide aspiring students or graduates with the industry experience to kick-start their engineering career. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Manufacturing & QA Engineering Internships

Career Success Australia has numerous partnerships with a variety of small and mid-size manufacturing firms throughout Australia. A 12-week internship is available for an engineering graduate or student at a precision tool-making firm. The role involves revising and implementing procedures as part of the manufacturing process to assure quality.
  • Inspecting the production system and products for work-on-time and quality of parts

  • Conducting audits and creating reports to optimise production process

  • Investigating non-conformance in production, identifying root causes and initiating preventive and corrective actions

  • Measuring parts for compliance and making sure they are according to specifications

  • Liaising with suppliers, engineers, management, and clients to make sure the production process is smoothly run

  • Providing suggestions to improve the process and standardising the methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation

  • Experience in areas of quality control engineering such as incoming material, product evaluation, inventory control, metrology, and automated testing

  • How to analyse Quality Assurance gaps and make necessary changes to process after consulting with relevant stakeholders

  • How to perform QA product/raw material release, reviewing Batch Process Records, and monitoring manufacturing data for compliance

This Manufacturing and QA Engineering Internship Program will provide you with 12 amazing weeks of professional engineering experience. To be considered, you must be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Mechanical Engineering

Companies Who Have Hired Our Mechanical Engineering Interns

Our Interns have gained employment with national and international companies

Our Success Stories

Mechanical Engineering
“Thanks Langdon for helping me every step of the way to secure my graduate engineering position!”

Sai Aravind

Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

Mechanical Engineering
As a new skilled migrant to Australia, I found it tough to get a job. The mechanical engineering internship certainly helped with my local experience issue. The team organised 2 internships for me and I was offered a full-time job with my second internship company in mechanical engineering!

Ian Boo

Mechanical Engineer, Melbourne

Mechanical Engineer
“The Mechanical Engineering Internship I secured was amazing, and helped me land my next engineering position!”

Maulik Patel

Mechanical Engineer, Perth

How does the

Mechanical Engineering Internships Program work?


Internship Preparation

First, we create your brand-new Mechanical Engineering Internship Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and prepare you for your Internship interview.


Internship Interviews

After your Australian Mechanical Engineering Internship preparation, we contact suitable host companies in the Mechanical Engineering industry and arrange interviews.


Placement Confirmation

After the interview, if you and the Australian host company are happy to proceed, you begin your Mechanical Engineering Internship!


Internship Support

We continue to support you throughout your placement to ensure you are progressing.


After Your Internship

We encourage your Host Company to hire you. But, if you miss out, we can continue to help you find a job through our one-on-one Career Coaching.

Everything you need to know about Mechanical Engineering Internships!

Mechanical Engineering Internships Program – FAQs

If you’re an engineering student or graduate and want to kick-start your career, a Mechanical Engineering Internship will give you 12 weeks of industry experience that employers are looking for.

Engineering firms prefer to hire graduates who have local experience. So, an internship in the field of mechanical engineering is a good way to enter the market to gain hands-on engineering skills and experience.


Mechanical Engineering Internships are beneficial for engineering students, and can be done as part-time internships (while studying) or as full-time internships (during the semester break).

Most engineering degrees require engineering students to complete 12 weeks of Mechanical Engineering experience to meet the course requirements. So, doing an Internship in your third or final year is often necessary.

We suggest completing your mechanical engineering internship in your final year of study, or as soon as you graduate.

It’s always good to start looking for engineering internships early. This gives you ample time to understand the market and decide on the best time to complete your internship.


Most Mechanical Engineering Internships are considered learning experiences by universities. Once your Mechanical Engineering Internship has been approved, you can gain credit from your university.

Universities usually accept any practical experience in the field as credit, although you may need to provide some specific documents. It is best to speak to your university first to ask about timing and credits.

Career Success Australia is proud to work with several engineering and production companies in Australia. We provide internship opportunities in a wide variety of mechanical engineering fields, from automotive, industrial, production, transportation and machinery design.

Our partnerships across the country help mechanical engineering graduates find appropriate internships and guide them to a fulfilling engineering career.

We provide Mechanical Engineering Internships for students and graduates to start their career across all cities. Our Mechanical Engineering Internship host company network is vast, and you can choose to complete your Mechanical Engineering Internship in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, or in Darwin.

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