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Hosting an Intern is a great way to have additional support from qualified graduates, who are keen to assist you and your team. It’s also a great way to identify junior talent for your organisation.

All at no cost to you!

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Why Host an Intern?

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Assistance with Your Workload

Are you and your team under-resourced and overloaded with work and fast-approaching deadlines?

Hosting an Intern means you get help with tasks and projects on a daily basis. Interns can support your priorities and heavy workloads during peak periods.

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Discover & Engage with Future Talent

Our Interns are hard-working, motivated and keen to impress. They are hungry to apply their skills and add value to your team.

If you are satisfied with your Intern’s performance, you can retain them for employment after their placement – at no additional cost.

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Premium Quality & Ongoing Support

Our aim is to place high-quality Interns with you. This includes hosting international students. We screen our Interns first then arrange interviews with you.

We provide ongoing support, both to you and your Intern from start to end, to ensure the placement runs smoothly.

Host an Intern through CSA!

Host the best Interns

When you host an Intern through CSA, we provide you with the best candidates. You can choose to host an intern from a range of study areas and can host an international student to provide them with Australian work experience too.

Internship Management

Our Recruitment Team has 25+ years of experience helping companies host interns in Australia. We take the hassle away from hosting an intern to ensure both you and the intern have a positive experience.

Our Support

We have helped more than 500 host company partners find the best matching graduates for internships in IT, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Biotechnology, Marketing, and more.

Internship Specialists

Our Internship Coordinators help you and your team each step of the way in hosting an intern. We provide high-quality interns and can help you host international students in Australia too.

How to Host An Intern?

Our intern hosting process is simple. This includes internship advertising, candidate profiling, candidate search, screening and technical testing, and reference checking to ensure we find you the best intern faster. 

5-Star GOOGLE Reviews

We have 200+ Five Star Google reviews. We take pride in the quality of our services, not only to our student and graduate interns, but also to our host company partners too. 

Our Network of Host Company Partners

Our Interns have gained employment with national and international companies

So how can we help you 

Host an Intern?


Initial Screening

First, we discuss your Internship and project requirements to learn more about the skills and experience you’re looking for in an Intern.


Resumes and Interviews

Next, we send you the Resumes and profiles of our best-matching interns. Following this, we schedule interviews so you get to meet our Interns to confirm their suitability for the internship opportunity in your team.


Placement Confirmation

After the interview, if you would like to proceed with hosting one of our Interns, we coordinate their start date, insurance, allowance (if applicable) and agreement with you.


Ongoing Support

Once the internship starts, we provide ongoing support to you and our Intern. We have regular check-ins to ensure the placement is running smoothly.


Working Together

At the end of the Internship, you can employ our Interns for paid part-time, full-time, or casual work with no additional cost from us.

Host Company Reviews!

“We were delighted by the quality of the intern placed with us. Stanley slotted into the business very well, showing a great attitude and a willingness to learn. We ended up hiring him so it has been a very successful program.”

Andrew Lorking

CFO, Infocus Advisory, Sydney

“We hired the first two interns that joined us for IT and Cloud-based projects. They were bright graduates, keen to learn and develop. It’s been a great program!”

Carl Javier

Cloud Consultant, Byte IT, Melbourne

“The Internship Program has been a success for us. We have hosted several civil and construction interns and have ended up hiring most who started as interns for 12-weeks with our construction team.”

Ned Ireland

Director, Ireland Brown Constructions

How to Host an Intern

in major capital cities including:

Everything you need to know about Hosting Interns! 

Host an Intern – FAQs

Hosting an intern is a great way to have additional support from tertiary qualified graduates who want to assist you and your colleagues. It is also a terrific way to identify junior talent for future employment.

Our interns can:

  • Complete day-to-day operational tasks during peak periods
  • Reduce the time required to complete current projects
  • Access the skills and knowledge of keen and motivated graduates in your industry
  • Provide your staff with opportunities to mentor junior professionals

We work with a diverse range of host organisations throughout Australia in industries such as Accounting and Finance, Engineering, IT, Biotechnology and Construction. We have partnerships with more than 500 organisations throughout Australia. Some of our host company partners include:

  • Lend Lease
  • Dialog IT
  • Vocus Group
  • Area 3 Consulting
  • InfoActive
  • Clinical Labs
  • Datacom
  • Caterpillar (CAT)
  • ADE Group

We adopt a thorough screening process to ensure you are presented with the very best interns.
This includes an initial screening process before you meet with our interns.

We screen interns for:

  • Appropriate qualifications (certified) from an Australian university
  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive attitude and desire to grow professionally
  • Aptitude to perform duties in a fast-paced and professional workplace

Yes, you can certainly host an international student for an internship. Hosting international students can be a rewarding experience. Companies who host international students in Australia say the experience enhances their workplace culture. When you host an international student, you add diversity to your workplace and get to meet junior talent from around the world.

Our interns are:

  • Highly skilled and from a range of fields, from finance to engineering, accounting to IT, and more
  • Eager to gain Australian experience in their field and to contribute towards the advancement of their host company
  • Actively seeking opportunities to show what they can do, displaying their skills, experience and knowledge
  • Frequently, our interns become so dependable and integral to their new team that companies contact us to inform us that they’ve offered them a job upon completion of their placement

Hosting an Intern incurs no cost to you, with the program meeting the Fair Work Ombudsman internship guidelines. Before beginning the internship, you have the opportunity to review Resumes and interview the interns to assess their competency and identify where they can be most helpful.

Career Success Australia interns have full insurance, covering them for public liability, personal injury and professional indemnity.

Career Success Australia can help you find and host interns for 12 weeks. Our Internship hosting process includes:

  1. Initial onsite visit or Zoom meeting with host company to discuss internship opportunities/projects/requirements
  2. Match our student/graduate interns to the internship opportunity with the host
  3. Send CV’s for host company to review
  4. Schedule interviews
  5. If the host/intern are happy to proceed, we finalise start date/days per week/hours for the 12 week internship

Contact CSA for more information about how to host an Intern in Australia.

There are no fees or charges to host an intern when you come through Career Success Australia. Some host companies provide their interns with a weekly travel or meals allowance between (usually $100 per week). However, offering an unpaid internship is fine, so long as the main benefit of the placement is for the intern.

We don’t charge host companies fees to host an intern as we understand it takes time and resources to train and develop student and graduate interns. We either receive funding from the universities or our interns pay for career development programs, which include internship placement services.

There are no fees or charges for recruitment either, if you decide to employ the intern after the 12-weeks of internship. So all in all, hosting an intern is a cost effective way to have additional support!

Yes, when you host an intern, you have the choice to hire them or employ them too. You can choose to make a job offer while you host an intern or at the end of the placement. If you host an international student, you can also hire them too, subject to their visa status and working rights.

Ready to Host an Intern?