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Looking for a career in IT Support? IT Support Internships in Australia give you hands-on experience in information technology and networking that can boost your career profile and IT Support job prospects!

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IT Support Internship
it support internships in australia

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Career Success Australia is one of Australia’s leading IT Support Internships providers. We provide amazing IT Support internships right across Australia for Information Technology students and graduates.

We have helped 1000+ IT Support students and graduates start exciting careers in technology business, software, and IT infrastructure with top IT companies in Australia.

Our IT Support Internships Program gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in information technology to real-world projects. IT Support Internships are a fantastic way to elevate your skills in Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco, as well as Salesforce! 

How can an IT Support Internship

Help you get hired quickly?

Getting a job as an IT Support Analyst is tough when you don’t have hands-on IT Support experience. Australia’s best Information Technology companies are looking to hire talented IT Support Analysts, L1 Support Analysts, and Desktop Engineers who have industry experience.

Our 12-week IT Support Internship will help you gain practical experience in Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, and VoIP technology. You will also learn how to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues for clients. 

The IT Support Internships Program in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth has helped thousands of IT Support Analyst students and graduates secure full-time, high-paying employment in IT in Australia.

IT Support Internship

Our IT Support Internships Program Includes:


On-Site Training

Get 12 weeks of professional IT experience working as an IT Support Intern with Top IT companies in Australia.


Career Training

Our career training enhances your IT Support Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and will prepare you for employment in L1 and Desktop Support in Australia.

get hired

Get Hired 4x Faster

The IT Support Internships Program offers networking opportunities with senior IT Support professionals from some of Australia’s best technology firms. As an IT Support Intern, you have a 92% chance of securing employment in IT Support with your host company.


IT Support Experience

Get hands-on, technical experience as an IT Support Intern in software and hardware support, job ticket management, network administration, application support, L1 Support, VoIP, Active Directory, ITIL and migration projects.

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Become Job-Ready

Gain 12 weeks of essential experience as an IT Support Intern in a range of areas such as Desktop Administration, IT Support Engineering, Technical Support, and IT Analysis, which will help you get a job faster!

IT Support Internship Opportunities!

IT Support Internships

IT Support Analysts and Desktop Support Engineers are in hot demand, especially at the entry-level. With salaries in IT Support starting at $50,000, our IT Support Internship is perfect for aspiring IT students and graduates seeking practical IT industry experience to secure future employment.
  • Maintaining IT infrastructure and network systems, and providing assistance to clients facing hardware and software application issues
  • Logging faults in the job ticket system and briefing L2 Support Analysts on potential causes of faults and options to resolve each issue
  • Providing technical assistance to end-users facing issues with PCs, Laptop and Mobile devices
  • Learning systems such as Team Viewer and Remedy to manage system faults
  • Resolving IT Support issues via phone, in person, and electronically for clients
  • Installing and configuring Windows Server, setting up Active Directory, and helping clients with access to systems
  • How to resolve technical issues with hardware and software in a timely manner for clients
  • Deep technical skills in installing and configuring Windows Servers
  • Abilities to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot Office 365 and Windows 10 software issues
  • How to set up and optimise Active Directory for end-users
  • How to manage processes and projects using the ITIL framework
  • Experience in network systems, virtualisation and in providing network support

This amazing 12-week IT Support Internship can help you pursue your career in IT Support. To be considered, you need to be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

IT Support Internship
IT Support Internship

Desktop Administrator Internships

Desktop Administrators are in high demand. An Internship in this particular stream of IT is a good choice! This Desktop Administrator Internship is perfect for aspiring students and graduates who want to kick-start their career in IT in Australia. Through this Desktop Administrator Internship, you will learn to manage systems as well as hardware and software applications using SCCM Client Manager, MDM and ITIL frameworks.
  • Managing and maintaining the organisation’s hardware and workstations for 100+ end-users, including those at the office and working remotely
  • Setting up and managing network connections, data management and security
  • Providing technical support to internal stakeholders facing issues with PCs and Laptops
  • Maintaining IT inventory including PCs, laptops, smartphones, printers and networks
  • Experience using SCCM Client Manager and other remote software deployment solutions
  • How to use MDM, such as Airwatch
  • A deep understanding of ITIL frameworks to deliver IT support and administration services

This exciting 3-month Desktop Administrator Internships Program can help you kick-start your career in Desktop Administration! To be considered, you need to be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

ICT Help Desk Technician Internships

Join a fast-growing multinational IT and consulting company specialising in IT infrastructure and cloud computing! This ICT Help Desk Technician Internship is perfect for aspiring ICT Help Desk Technicians seeking work experience. As an ICT Helpdesk Technician Intern, you’ll be learning how to work with POS equipment and UPS’s, as well as gaining knowledge of Cisco and VoIP systems.
  • Providing technical support and IT Services to customers and end-users of hardware and software systems
  • Resolving technical issues online and escalating issues online to the L2 application support systems team
  • Giving clear step-by-step instructions online to provide technical help to clients working remotely
  • Logging hardware and software issues in Jira, and tracking systems and ensuring a 100% resolution rate
  • Experience with POS, Networking, Servers and Application support projects
  • Deep skills in diagnosing a range of technical issues with Windows Server 2016 and Active Directory
  • Experience using client systems including Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and Salesforce and providing technical support for tier 1 issues
  • A deep understanding of Cisco and SCCM systems

This valuable 12-month ICT Help Desk Technician Internships Program can help you pursue your career in IT. To be considered, you need to be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

IT Support Internship
IT Support Internship

IT Field Service Technician Internships

IT Field Service Technicians are critical to all IT Managed Services companies as they provide on-site mission critical support to IT systems and infrastructure. Through this IT Field Service Technician Internships program, you will gain a variety of skills as an IT Field Service Technician, and build deep knowledge in installing and maintaining technical equipment, as well as communicating with clients and customers. This internship is a great opportunity for aspiring IT Field Service Technicians to start their career.
  • Installing and monitoring technical equipment for clients or customers on-site including servers, networks and work stations
  • Troubleshooting issues with technical equipment and repair it, if needed
  • Performing maintenance on technical equipment as required, and logging faults with the Senior Field Services Engineer
  • Writing Customer Service Call Reports after each site visit and providing daily briefings to the Senior Field Services Engineer
  • Experience in troubleshooting on-site systems including servers, networks and printers
  • How to advise customers and clients on how to use equipment such as printers, PCs, Laptops, tablets and AV systems
  • Experience using both hardware and software equipment, systems, and performing updates as required on-site

This rewarding 12-week IT Field Service Technician Internships Program can help kick-start your career in IT! To be considered, you need to be enrolled in our Internship Program (Career Training & Placement fees apply). To book your free Internships Consultation, please click the button below!

Companies Who Have Hired Our IT Support Interns

Our Interns have gained employment with national and international companies

Our Success Stories

poornima small
Even though I didn’t get the job from my internship host company, the experience was excellent and has helped get my first engineering job in Australia. Thank you Naren and Career Success Australia!

Poornima Vijaykumar

IT Support Analyst, Melbourne

Hari CJ
Career Success Australia helped me find a wonderful internship at a major finance company in Sydney. I worked with senior finance staff and I’m pleased to say they offered to keep me for an extra 3 months on contract. This wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary effort by the Career Success Australia team.

Hari CJ

Network & Security Analyst, Melbourne

Even with Australian experience, I found it tough to secure interviews and jobs. The Career Success Australia team helped me with every aspect from Resume, to cover letter, to LinkedIn. I did well in my last interview and they offered me the job which I have been in for 3 months now.

Aniket Tamhankar

IT Systems Analyst, Sydney

How does the

IT Support Internships Program work?


Internship Preparation

First, we create your brand-new Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and prepare you for your Internship interview.


Internship Interviews

After your IT Support Internship preparation, we contact suitable host companies in the Australian IT industry and arrange interviews.


Placement Confirmation

After your interview, if you and the host company are happy to proceed, you start your IT Support Internship!


Internship Support

We continue to support you throughout your Australian IT Support placement to ensure you are progressing.


After Your Internship

We encourage your Host Company to hire you. But, if you miss out, we can continue to help you find a job through our one-on-one Career Coaching.

Everything you need to know about IT Support Internships

IT Support Internships Program – FAQs

The IT Support Internships Program will give you a competitive edge while applying for jobs with IT companies in Australia.

An IT Support Internship gives you direct access to work under Senior IT Support professionals in the market. Learn from experienced IT Support professionals who will train and guide you to gain real-world IT Support experience.

The IT Support Internships Program will help you gain hands-on IT Support experience in emerging sectors within information technology, like application development and cloud computing. An Internship will also improve your soft skills, such as your communication, teamwork and prioritisation skills.

You will meet leading IT Support professionals in the Australian technology sector who will help shape your career as an IT Support Analyst.

Yes, absolutely!

If you can arrange 3-4 days from your study schedule, you might be able to apply for a part-time IT Support Internship. You can also do a full-time IT Support Internship during the semester break or holidays. When you complete an IT Support Internship while studying, you can apply your IT Support knowledge from your degree to real-world tech projects.

An IT Support Internship during or after your study is a smart choice if you want to quickly secure employment in the IT industry in Australia.

The sooner the better, but ideally in your final semester or as soon as you graduate from your IT degree, certificate or training course.

It is better to do an IT Support Internship Program while studying so that you can complete your degree with practical IT experience under your belt.

If you have IT Support internship experience, you can secure IT Support employment faster after graduation. When you complete an IT Support Internship in Australia, you will develop deep technical skills through real-world IT Support projects which is exactly what employers look for when hiring and employing junior or graduate IT Support Analysts.

Yes! Most IT Support Internships are considered learning experiences by universities. Once your IT Support Internship has been approved, you can gain credit from your university.

Your IT Support Internship Program is designed to give you practical IT Support experience before you graduate. Ideally, your IT Support Internship will be based on real-world tasks with a technology company so that you can learn while doing.

Speak to your university about course credit if you complete an IT Support Internship during your course.

Career Success Australia provides IT Support Internships in all areas of information technology. This includes networking, cloud computing, IT infrastructure and information technology managed services.

We coordinate IT Support Internships with companies seeking students and graduates who have strong skills in Microsoft technologies, Cisco, virtualisation, Salesforce and VoIP.

We have IT Support Internship host company partners offering 12-week internships for students and graduates who are keen to enhance their IT Support skills in the industry.

IT Support Internships Programs are the best way to gain practical IT Support training and experience while you study or after you complete your IT degree.

We provide IT Support Internships for students and graduates to start their career across all cities. Our IT Support Internship host company network is vast, and you can choose to complete your IT Support Internship in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, or in Darwin.

The Information Technology industry in Australia is booming and companies are looking for IT Support Interns to recruit for employment. We have a range of tech companies seeking IT Support Interns, from small to medium enterprises, to large multinational companies with major IT infrastructure projects.

IT Support Analysts are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of systems, addressing hardware and software issues, and providing assistance to end-users, enabling companies to operate efficiently.

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