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We are a Victorian Government Recommended careers services provider.

Our Career Coaching and Internships Programs have helped more than 3,000 job seekers secure employment.

We can help you get your next job in Australia.

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Strategies to Get Jobs

Whether you're a fresh graduate or a skilled migrant, we can help you get a job.

We customise solutions to help you secure job interviews and job offers in your field.

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To get a job offer you need to beat 100+ candidates.

Our programs are designed to get you job interviews and a job ASAP.

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Get help from expert Career Coaches.

With 50+ years of combined corporate experience in Australia and links to 500+ companies throughout Australia, we can help you secure employment quickly.

Strategies to Get Jobs
Beat the Competition
Experienced Coaches

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International Student Wellbeing

Studying abroad is an exciting experience, but it can also be challenging at times.

If you are currently going through difficulties or would like to support those on a similar journey, our peer support group might be the place for you.

Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more.

We know it’s not easy. We are here for you.

Client Testimonials

Without the help of ACECIS I would not have gotten a job as an accounting graduate. They helped me from day 1. I am always grateful for the tips and support. Best company to join for career guidance.


Accounting Graduate / Melbourne
Naren was helping me out to find job in Australia. His support during my job search really helped me to find right role within short time. I feel confident in recommending ACECIS for fresh graduates and overseas qualified professionals. He is not only thorough, but a nice guy who is just an email away to answer your questions.


Structural Design Engineer / Melbourne
I arrived in Australia from the UK with my family. I started Career Coaching which really helped me to get interviews for Oracle DBA roles. Finally, I received an offer to join a global IT company. I’m working in my field in Melbourne and am so glad to have met Naren who was a great help.


Oracle DBA / Melbourne
I found ACECIS and started their Career Coaching program after spending a year without being able to get a job. The engineering market in 2016 was tough in Australia so they organised an internship for me with a leading mining company. After my internship, I landed my first major break and have started my new FIFO job as a Process Engineer in my field. I am so happy to have worked with these guys.


Metallurgical Engineer / Brisbane
I was worried about getting a job after moving from the US and India even though I had the global experience. For months I tried on my own with no interviews. Then after Naren and his team fixed my resume I started to get results and finally a dream job in my domain at a senior level in IT. I’m really glad to have met ACECIS and to have their guidance.


IT Project Manager / Sydney
Getting a job as a skilled migrant was so hard because of the local experience issue. I was hesitant to join ACECIS but I decided I needed the edge. We worked so hard over 12 weeks to get interviews and finally it paid off with a couple of call backs and finally a job offer. The support was great and I’m glad I joined.


Business Analyst / Melbourne
I applied for over 150 software testing jobs but I got response only from 2-3 of them. After completion of my Careers Masterclass with the help of Naren, I built a strong resume & cover letter and also got strategy of job hunt. My resume was shortlisted for 3 companies out of 5 for which I had applied and within 2 week I got offer from one company.


Test Engineer / Sydney
Thanks to ACECIS and Naren and my coaching team for helping me get my next job in the state government. The career coaching process teaches you how to get employed quickly. I was able to get my job offer within just a few weeks of the process. Glad to get my job in the public sector!


QA Manager / Melbourne
I chose ACECIS to help me with my career path. They found me an internship in an engineering company where I have gained precious experience. Naren is nice and patient, he knows exactly what new graduates need. I strongly recommended ACECIS for all new graduates.


Civil Engineer / Melbourne
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