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Are you looking for the best Internships in Brisbane? Our Internship Program in Brisbane provides you with 12 weeks of valuable industry experience with one of the top companies in your field to kick-start your career.

Internships in Brisbane

Why Choose Our Internships in Brisbane Program?

As one of Australia’s leading Internship providers, Career Success Australia has one of the most comprehensive Internship host company networks in Brisbane. We have partnerships with industry contacts in 2000+ companies and access to 700+ hidden jobs and internships available in Brisbane.

Our Professional Internship Program has helped more than 1500 students get Graduate Jobs and Internships in Brisbane. The Internships Program in Brisbane is an amazing opportunity for you to gain 3 months of hands-on experience in the industry of your choice.

Join our Internships in Brisbane Program to work with the top industry professionals in your field and increase your chances of securing full-time employment today!

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Internships in Brisbane

Internships in Brisbane Program Outcomes

We provide students and graduates with essential real-world work experience with our Internships in Brisbane Program. Employers are looking to hire people with industry experience. So, undertaking an Internship in this up-and-coming city is a great opportunity to start your career.

Did you know that 96% of our Internship candidates received job offers after completing their Internship Program, and almost 88% of our Interns in Brisbane were hired directly by their host company?

Our Internships in Brisbane Program can help fast-track your career journey and support you to secure high-quality work placements and jobs in your field.

Internships in Brisbane Program Benefits

Get practical on-site industry experience in your field in Brisbane

Add vital industry experience to your Resume and Cover Letter

Work alongside highly skilled professionals in your field

Secure a pathway to full-time employment after completing your Brisbane Internship

Get trained in software and learn industry best practice and processes specific to your field

Receive job references from your host company and supervisor

Get hired by top companies in Brisbane

Meet industry experts and network your way to jobs in Brisbane

Companies Who Have Hired Our Interns

Internships in Brisbane

What’s included?


Receive a Keyword Rich & ATS-Optimised Resume


Undergo Comprehensive interview training provided by top Australian Recruiters


Access our Career & Internship Resources which will help you secure employment faster


Get access to over 200+ Job Vacancies in Brisbane across 50+ industries


Gain access to more than 800 companies in Brisbane across 50+ industries


Experience our 12-week Internships in Brisbane Program with Australia’s top companies


Meet our Career Mentoring & Career Counselling team to help you launch your career in Brisbane


Receive one-on-one Internship Coaching in Brisbane to help you get hired faster!

98% Placement Rate for students from Universities in Brisbane. You can be next!

Why Choose an Internship in Brisbane?

Career Success Australia’s Internships in Brisbane program offers students and graduates the opportunity to get real-world industry experience with some of Brisbane’s best companies and leading professionals in 100+ industries.

Did you know that 92% of our Interns in Brisbane secure full-time jobs after their Internship in Brisbane program? Pursuing an Internship in Brisbane can help kick-start your dream career after you finish your degree and can boost your job prospects in Brisbane.

Career Success Australia offers a range of Internships in Brisbane in a range of areas including Biomedical Science, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering and HR.

If you live in Brisbane or are planning to move to Brisbane, our Internships in Brisbane program will ensure that you reach your career goals faster. To learn more about doing an internship in Brisbane, click the button below!

Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities for employment prospects, creating plenty of job opportunities for students and graduates to launch their careers. As an economically powerful city, Brisbane has hundreds of amazing companies offering 12-week Internships to students and graduates.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose to do an Internship in Canberra:

  • Expert commentators expect Brisbane’s economy to grow significantly over the next decade
  • With a lively and diverse city-scene, Brisbane is a hub of culture
  • Home of Australia’s highest-performing universities and institutions
  • With low unemployment rates, Brisbane’s economic landscape is robust and ever-growing
  • Brisbane has opportunities across various industries from IT to Marketing and Engineering

Where can you do your Internship in Brisbane?

We provide internships in Brisbane across all major suburbs including:

Fitzgibbon, Ascot, Herston, West End, Burbank, Sandgate, Toowong, Mount Gravatt, Newstead, Springfield Lakes, Woolloongabba, Kelvin Grove, South Brisbane, Ripley, Coomera, Rosewood, Southport, Fortitude Valley, Highgate Hill, Wilston, Tarragindi, Keperra, Chermside West, Stafford Heights, New Farm and more!

To find out more about our Brisbane Internships program, click the button below to book a free consultation!

Our Internships and Career Coaching team in Brisbane have 50+ years of corporate experience in HR and Recruitment and can help you achieve your career goals faster!

Program Director

Naren Chellappah


Langdon Rodda


Pearl Doronila


Donna Hannaford

To speak to one of our Internships consultants about your internship and career in Brisbane, click the button below to book a free consultation!

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Internships in Brisbane

Internship in Brisbane Benefits

When you do an Internship in Brisbane with Career Success Australia, you reach your career goals 5x Faster!

Since employers are looking to hire graduates with proven industry experience, a 12-week Internship in Brisbane is a smart choice if you are looking to secure professional employment quickly after graduation.

Benefits of an Internship in Brisbane:

  • Have the chance to get hired directly by your host company in Brisbane after you complete your Internship
  • Receive job references from some of Brisbane’s top companies
  • Gain amazing industry experience in your chosen field in Brisbane
  • Network your way to success by working with senior professionals in your industry
  • Receive one-on-one Career Coaching with industry experts in Brisbane to secure your next dream job

If you want to get hired 5x faster, an Internship in Brisbane will certainly help you achieve your career goals! To learn more, click the button below to book your free Internship Consultation!

Did you know that Graduates who complete their Internships in Brisbane typically get hired faster with higher salaries? Check out some of the top industry graduate salary ranges below for graduate jobs in Brisbane:

Information Technology
$45K – $80K

$50k – $80K

Business / Commerce
  $40K - $70K

Health Sciences
$50K – $70K

If you secure employment in Australia in an industry that is recognised by the Government, you may be eligible for additional migration points. However, to secure professional employment, you will need proven real-world experience!

Career Success Australia’s Internships in Brisbane program can help you gain amazing industry experience in the field of your choice. It gives you access to work with top companies in Brisbane who are looking for new staff. So, an Internship in Brisbane may be the best idea for you to enhance your prospects and secure your permanent visa.

Most of our Interns in Brisbane who secure full-time employment in their field are on post-study work Visas with full-time work rights. Pursuing an Internship in Brisbane means that you can secure a job with your host company, and have a higher chance of securing your PR too!

We Help You Get Into


Business & Commerce Internships

Information Technology Internships

Engineering Internships

Internships in Other Industries

  • Media
  • Design
  • Law
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Science
  • General administration

Our Internship Success Stories

Without the help of Career Success Australia, I would not have secured a job as an accounting graduate. They helped me from day 1. I am always grateful for the tips and support. Best company to join for career guidance.

Jessica Liu

Accounting & Finance Graduate

As a new migrant to Australia with limited experience, I found it hard to get into the marketing industry. So, I did the Internship in Marketing with Career Success Australia. My host company has offered me a position in marketing and client success which I absolutely love! Doing my Marketing Internship gave me the breakthrough I needed.

Zulfiyaa Abbaszade

Marketing Coordinator

I met 3 career coaches and Naren was the best by far. He displayed kindness and adopted a systematic approach for me to secure a job. His methods worked and helped me get multiple interviews. I got my first job offer through Career Success Australia services including with a Big 4 bank as a Data Analyst.

Jacob Li

Data & Reporting Analyst

Universities Our Interns Come From

Meet the Internships Team

Team of Experts

Naren Chellappah

Program Director

Naren is one of Australia’s most successful Career Coaches, having helped over 1,000 job seekers find employment. He has held leadership roles at Australia’s top universities including Monash & Swinburne.

Langdon Rodda

Head Career Coach

Head Career Coach Langdon supports you one-on-one to help you secure employment in your chosen field. Langdon’s Career Coaching, Career Counselling and mentoring support can help you transition into meaningful employment quickly.

Pearl Doronila

Careers Advisor

Pearl is a HR & Recruitment Specialist with 10+ years of experience working with leading companies in end-to-end recruitment. Pearl supports her clients get jobs in a range of industries through personalised Career Coaching and Career Counselling.

Tracy Busse

Career Coach

Tracy is a HR Specialist and Career Mentor who has extensive experience in people and performance management. Tracy provides a nurturing environment and helps her clients one-on-one to achieve their career goals in Australia.
Career Success Australia Internships

Struggling to get a job in Brisbane?

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How does the

Internships in Brisbane Program work?


Internship Preparation

First, we create your brand-new Internship Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and prepare you for your Internship interview.


Internship Interviews

After your Internship preparation, we contact suitable host companies in your industry in Brisbane and arrange interviews.


Placement Confirmation

After your interview, if you and the host company are happy to proceed, you start your Internships Program in Brisbane!


Internship Support

We continue to support you throughout your Internship in Brisbane to ensure you are learning and progressing.


After Your Internship

We encourage your Host Company to hire you. But, if you miss out, we can continue to help you get a job through one-on-one Career Coaching.

Everything you need to know about Internships in Brisbane!

Internships in Brisbane – FAQs

Internships in Brisbane can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the company offering the internship in Brisbane and the Internship industry you’re applying for.

Internships in Brisbane are an effective way for you to get industry experience while still learning and studying. As a student or graduate in Brisbane, you have a lot to gain from doing an internship with a company in your field.

Benefits of paid and unpaid Internships in Brisbane:

  • An internship will let you explore and understand your field of work with a company in your industry.
  • Internships available in Brisbane are a means of entering the job market as a student or graduate, and the starting point of your career in Australia.
  • Internships are where you build professional networks. The references and experience that you gain from your internship host company during the 12-week internship are important to your career.
  • An internship program in Brisbane can be featured on your LinkedIn profile and Resume to showcase your experience and skills. When you start applying for full-time jobs as a graduate, your internship in Brisbane and the experience it gives you will matter. Your Internship experience will help you stand out from other applicants.

While most student internships in Brisbane are unpaid, some companies offer an allowance. This can be a travel or meals allowance. Some companies offer internships that are paid on the basis of your internship performance too.

Most companies that Career Success Australia partners with provide a small allowance, covering travel and meals for the duration of your 12-week internship program. Almost 70% of Career Success Australia interns in Brisbane receive a stipend as part of the internship program.

Internships provide an opportunity for hands-on learning and should be considered as a pathway to enter the job market. Paid or unpaid, internships are an opportunity for every student to learn and develop professionally – and a way to a successful future career in your field.

Yes, Internships in Brisbane are available for international students. We have placed a number of international students on 485 post-study work visas on internships throughout Brisbane. Many of these students have been offered full-time jobs in Brisbane after their internship too. It’s tough – but possible. It’s also possible to do an internship in Brisbane on a student visa over the summer break or during mid-semester break.

The time it takes to get internships in Brisbane depends on your industry, skills and qualifications.

The Internships preparation stage of the Internship Program in Brisbane takes 2 – 3 weeks. This is where your Internships Coach helps you prepare your Internships Resume, train for internship interviews and customise your LinkedIn profile.

Finding the right host company for your internship in Brisbane takes 1 – 2 months. Depending on your industry, it can take longer. However, Career Success Australia is committed to organising your internships in Brisbane program ASAP to help you gain vital industry experience to start your career.

We offer Internships for students and graduates in a range of areas with a vast network of excellent companies in Brisbane. We provide Internships in Brisbane in Accounting and Finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Biomedical Science, UI/UX, and Data Analytics.

If you are looking for an Internship in a specific area, please get in touch with us so that we can help. We have over 500 company partnerships in Brisbane and can refer and recommend you to the best companies in your industry so that you can start your career in Australia.

An internship with a company in Brisbane will give you practical hands-on experience in your industry. It will set you apart from all of the other graduates you’re competing against who also have a degree.

An Internship in Brisbane is the perfect way of getting work experience as a student or recent graduate. An internship in Brisbane allows you to be a part of the industry professionally and gives you an amazing opportunity to join a company in your field to gain hands-on experience.

An internship with a company gives you freedom to explore different career paths while offering networking opportunities with professionals in your industry.

An Internship in Brisbane will open up doors to start your career. It will also give you an advantage when you start applying for jobs in Brisbane. The main reason why you should do an Internship in Brisbane is to gain vital industry experience which will boost your chances of getting hired.

There are many benefits of doing an Internship. An industry internship in Brisbane is an asset to your Resume and Cover Letter as well as to your career growth. You can also talk about your internships experience in Brisbane at your next job interview.

An internship is a good way for you to understand the local work culture and industry-standard practices and working styles.

Internships offer the perfect balance between work and study, and you get practical experience and academic training at the same time. Local internships in Brisbane are highly valued amongst recruiters and hiring managers and make your application stand out.

You can use your internship opportunity in Brisbane to network professionally and meet potential future employers.

While it’s not necessary to do an Internships program in Brisbane to get a job, it will significantly boost your prospects of landing one. An Internship in your field with a company in Brisbane provides highly valued work experience on your Resume. It sets you apart from other graduate candidates applying for the same jobs as you!

An internship in your field shows that you have a good understanding of local industry standards and practices, and will strengthen your career profile for future job applications.

Interns in Brisbane often get offered permanent roles with their host company. Almost 70% of our graduate interns have obtained full-time jobs. Doing an Internship Program in Brisbane is a great way to begin your career in the industry of your choice.

Start your career in Brisbane with our Internship Program today!

We advise you to check with your migration agent first. However, because an internship is not employment, there’s more flexibility to undertake a 12-week full-time internship. In most cases, international students in Brisbane can secure internships without any hassle!

Internship rules and regulations constantly change so while this advice is true as of today, it may change tomorrow so always seek advice from a registered migration agent.

We have placed many international students on 485 post-study work visas on internships. Many of these students have been offered full-time jobs after their internship too.

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