Virtual Internships in Australia - Shaping Your Career and Future

No matter where you are in Australia, you have the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Internship and gain valuable industry experience!

As an Intern, you will gain real-world experience with the top companies in your industry, which can boost your career profile and job prospects in Australia.

Virtual Internship

Kick-Start Your Career with a 12-Week Virtual Internship today!

As one of the largest Careers Service providers in Australia, Career Success Australia provides Virtual Internships right across the country with some of Australia’s top companies.

As an Intern, you will gain hands-on industry experience in your field and enhance your skills to increase your confidence when applying for jobs. Remote Internships will help you secure more job interviews and job offers and network your way to employment.

We have helped 1000+ students and graduates start amazing careers in a range of areas like IT, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing through our Virtual Internships Program in Australia. You can be next! 

Virtual Internship

How do Virtual Internships lead to

Graduate employment and job opportunities?

Getting a job is tough when you don’t have hands-on experience in your field. Many companies in Australia want Job-Ready graduates with proven industry experience. When you complete an internship remotely with a company in your industry, your profile will stand out. 

Thousands of students and graduates have successfully secured high-paying graduate jobs, after completing their internship remotely.

Our Virtual Internships Program Includes:


Virtual Experience

Get 12 weeks of industry experience and build your skills as a virtual Intern with Top Australian companies in your field.


Career Training

Our Career Training will boost your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, and will help you prepare for employment in Australia.

get hired

Get Hired 4x Faster

Through your Virtual Internship, you will have amazing opportunities to network with senior professionals with some of Australia’s best firms. You will also have the chance to get hired by your host company if you perform well!

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Virtual Internships Experience

Doing an industry placement remotely gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills and gain valuable professional experience.

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Become Job-Ready

After your Internship, you will be well-placed to secure graduate jobs faster in a range of industries, such as Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

Career Success Australia Internships

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Most Popular Remote Internships

Business & Commerce:

Information Technology:


Other Industries:

  • Media
  • Design
  • Law
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Science
  • General Administration

Current Internships available Remotely

Careers in Information Technology

This type of Internship will give you the opportunity to work with one of Australia’s top technology firms leading the way in exciting new projects. As a virtual IT Intern, you will be working with industry professionals to deliver major projects for clients. This exciting 12-week remote placement is perfect for aspiring students or graduates looking to start their career in areas like Software Development, Business and Data Analysis, IT Support, IT Security, Networking, Software Testing, Cloud Engineering, and IT Project Management

Current Remote Internship opportunities: 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Performing data migration & data analytics under supervision from the Senior Data Analyst

  • Conducting statistical modelling using R and Python

  • Performing data extraction, cleaning, and data wrangling using the latest tools

  • Preparing concise data analysis reports and data visualisations for stakeholders to support business decision-making processes

  • Creating dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau to highlight trends and findings to support trend analysis and predictive analysis

  • Designing and developing relational databases

What you will gain:

  • Hands-on practical experience in Python, PowerBI, and SQL

  • Knowledge of AWS integration for large-scale data migration and cloud projects

  • Hands-on experience as an Intern, creating high-powered visualisations using Tableau and PowerBI

  • Core Data Analyst skills through real-world projects using Python, Machine Learning & Deep Learning capabilities

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Working with Senior Software Engineers to create solutions to complex software architecture and application problems
  • Creating code from scratch for large-scale web application projects
  • Liaising with clients and offshore development teams to enhance project progress
  • Developing software solutions using front end and back end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, ReactJS, Java and .NET
  • Monitoring and maintaining current software systems using Jira

What you will gain:

  • Experience with different programming languages, such as Java as well as front end technology including JavaScript and HTML
  • Hands-on experience building large-scale robust web applications using the latest technology stack
  • Experience creating software solutions by developing robust web applications and e-commerce sites

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing software development strategies based on the analysis of the business and technical requirements of the client
  • Conducting gap analysis and creating business and technical solutions using contemporary BPM techniques and flow diagrams

  • Improving the processes and systems of the business through technology solutions, UAT, requirements analysis and implementing AGILE

What you will gain:

  • Experience in gathering and analysing user requirements

  • Experience in preparing technical documentation

  • An understanding of business process modelling concepts and systems

  • Experience using Microsoft Access, SQL, Google Analytics and Tableau

  • Experience with software such as Jira and Confluence

  • Experience communicating change requests, technical documentation, and project status reports to clients and updating technical teams

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Resolving technical issues with hardware and software in a timely manner for clients

  • Developing deep technical skills in installing and configuring Windows Servers

  • Quickly diagnosing and troubleshooting Office 365 and Windows 10 software issues

  • Setting up and optimising Active Directory for end-users

  • Managing processes and projects using the ITIL framework

  • Understanding network systems, Virtualisation and in providing network support

What you will gain:

  • Experience using SCCM Client Manager and remote software deployment solutions to support end users

  • Experience in installing and configuring Windows Server, Active Directory and resolving issues with Office 365 and Windows 10 for clients

  • Experience with ITIL frameworks to deliver IT support and administration services along with network troubleshooting and network administration

Virtual Software Development
Virtual Engineering Internships

Engineering Careers

Looking to get remote Engineering experience in Australia? We offer remote placements for engineering students and graduates in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering. You can also do remote work experience in Manufacturing, Chemical, and Biomedical Engineering with top Engineering companies. Gain real-world experience in a range of engineering projects working with a team of Engineers remotely with your host company.

Current Remote Internship opportunities: 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designing machinery, mechanical components and industrial equipment using Solidworks and AutoCAD

  • Providing engineering technical support and assisting in the design and drafting of P&ID using software such as Lucidchart and EdrawMax
  • Performing design reviews and risk assessments with Senior Mechanical Engineers and Production Managers, and providing on-site workshop assistance

  • Liaising with clients, suppliers and Quality Engineers to optimise production, testing and prototyping

What you will gain:

  • Hands-on mechanical engineering experience, with a focus on engineering design, testing, QA and production for New Product Integration projects

  • Essential Solidworks skills and software training to develop skills in Lean Manufacturing, design, simulations and estimating

  • Depending on which department you are placed in, experience in P&ID drafting, HVAC design, engineering QA, estimation and engineering operations

  • Knowledge of DFM and Lean principles to optimise production and meet ISO9001 standards

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Project planning and programming, analysing construction project plans and working with the design team to generate structural solutions

  • Cost planning and estimation works, project management and HSE management

  • Handling and coordinating with various project teams such as structure, services, facades, and finishes

  • Reading and interpreting engineering drawings using Revit and AutoCAD

  • Supporting quality assurance and quality control and preparing technical documentation for site inspections

  • Liaising with Site Managers, Project Engineers, Subcontractors, and Suppliers to effectively carry out residential and commercial construction projects

What you will gain:

  • Hands-on civil engineering experience in areas such as estimating, tendering, design and drafting, construction management and scheduling

  • Core civil engineering and construction experience, with supervision provided by a leading civil and construction team

  • Skills in Construction Project Management, Estimation and Site Engineering, gained through 12 weeks of Internship experience

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out electrical engineering analysis and design work and upholding compliance with Australian Standards
  • Preparing specifications, drawings, reports using software such as AutoCAD and Revit MEP for electrical works
  • Carrying out power system analysis using software such as SKM PTW, PSCAD, PSS/E, and PowerCAD
  • Supporting Senior Electrical Engineers to deliver projects in power systems engineering, HVAC, circuit design, testing and QA

What you will gain:

  • Proficiency in electrical system design using software such as PSS/E, PSCAD and PSS SINCAL
  • Experience in modelling, creating simulations and testing electrical systems
  • Experience designing power systems, including primary plant, secondary systems, earthing and lighting protection
  • Experience in electrical system monitoring and assessment

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring and tracking network faults, and providing solutions to the NOC Manager
  • Supporting lab infrastructure to optimise network performance
  • Providing support to the Network Operations Centre and identifying network risks and vulnerabilities
  • Providing strategic and tactical network support to customers facing network issues
  • Troubleshooting technical problems with wireless systems and office networks

What you will gain:

  • Deep skills as a network administrator and the confidence to work in a NOC
  • Knowledge of routing, switching and configuring network devices
  • An understanding of how to build networks using specialised equipment as well as routing and switching and troubleshooting issues with VoIP
  • A strong understanding of VoIP technologies and how to manage wireless communication systems
  • Experience creating services, processes and systems to help customers manage networks

  • Soft skills like teamwork, initiative, and analytical thinking required to deliver robust network systems for clients

Remote Internships in Accounting & Finance

During this remote internship, you will help organisations manage tasks including financial reporting, tax, audit, risk and investments. You will develop data on business performance by analysing financial transactions, such as cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements. You will also work with Partners to develop month-end reporting to external parties, such as investors and banks. Remote internships for accounting and finance graduates provide real-world experience in the financial services industry in Australia.

Current Remote Internship opportunities: 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Researching and analysing current and global financial market trends and identifying opportunities for investment, particularly in overseas markets and foreign currency

  • Monitoring financial markets and carrying out statistical analysis based on financial modelling

  • Preparing application documents to support client retention for annual insurance and investment portfolios

  • Creating actionable insights through financial analysis for clients to review for their portfolio and borrowing needs

What you will gain:

  • Practical experience and exposure to day-to-day operations with a financial services firm

  • Experience using financial data for decision-making and for monthly reporting

  • Experience in preparing client files for lending, mortgage applications, loan repayment analysis and investment strategies

  • Skills in preparing documents for Self Managed Super Fund creation and administration

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assisting clients with the preparation of financial statements
  • Auditing clients’ financial statements using MYOB and XERO
  • Preparing clients’ tax returns and ensuring accuracy before lodgement with the Australian Tax Office
  • Providing Bookkeeping support and assisting the Senior Accountant with accounts payable and accounts receivable

What you will gain:

  • Experience in the preparation of Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) documents

  • Insights into how to prepare Income Tax Returns for SME clients

  • Bookkeeping skills and experience in a busy accounting firm, as well as performing bank reconciliations
  • Experience in the lodgement of client updates with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Skills in industry standard accounting software including MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analysing tax data and financial statements
  • Supporting the tax returns process for individuals and SME’s
  • Working with clients and supporting them with accounting and tax information required by the ATO for audits
  • Preparing Business Activity Statements using MYOB and Xero
  • Assisting clients with general tax-related questions and providing day-to-day support to the Senior Tax Accountant

What you will gain:

  • Skills in industry-standard tax software such as MYOB and Xero
  • Experience creating and managing client files including preparing month-end reports for small business clients
  • Preparing tax returns for a range of clients and ensuring claims and deductions are accurate
  • Expertise in Australian tax codes, standards and procedures for BAS lodgement

  • Experience in maximising yearly tax refunds for clients

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Examining key areas of business performance and reporting findings to management as well as external parties

  • Reconciling numerical entries, checking minutes, and verifying that financial information is represented accurately and fairly as per Audit standards

What you will gain:

  • Hands-on experience in a variety of Accounting and Audit projects which will expand your knowledge

  • An understanding of how to conduct an audit in accordance with the auditing standards of the Corporations Act 2001

  • Experience meeting essential Audit requirements and giving an auditor’s independence declaration
  • Experience managing Audit Risk and Compliance projects for clients
Virtual Accounting & Finance Internships
Virtual Marketing Internships

Careers in Marketing

Remote internships in marketing, provide experience in advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, and marketing communications. If you are a marketing student or graduate, a 12-week remote placement with a marketing company will boost your employability prospects. Start your remote internship in marketing communications and kick-start your career today!

Current Remote Internship opportunities: 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Designing and developing advertising strategies and campaigns for clients
  • Monitoring market trends to create advertising strategies to boost sales and customer engagement
  • Creating and coordinating the delivery of media plans including TVC, print and online
  • Using design tools such as Canva to create illustrations, logos, Facebook advertisements and innovative visuals

What you will gain:

  • Skills in developing effective advertising to increase sales, web traffic and clicks

  • An understanding of the difference between commercial and non-commercial advertising to build brands

  • Skills to market products and services to a target customer, as well as which media platforms are most effective for reach

  • Expertise in creating an advertising campaign from scratch

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Developing digital marketing strategies and creating web-based content to boost traffic, engagement, and sales

  • Monitoring engagement on social media and regularly creating content to drive traffic to the client’s website

  • Managing digital marketing content and updating it to align with market trends

  • Creating visually appealing digital marketing creative campaigns

What you will gain:

  • Experience using social media platforms, as well as other platforms, such as Shopify

  • An understanding of how customers interact with online content

  • Digital Marketing skills like SEO and SEM that are in hot demand

  • Design skills using Canva to execute creative campaigns

  • A deep understanding of digital media campaign reporting and KPIs

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creating and coordinating Marketing campaigns based on marketing trends and client values
  • Creating online content for social media and other marketing platforms

  • Managing communication with customers, including email newsletters and blog posts
  • Managing and monitoring the company website using Wix and WordPress and update content to boost keywords for SEO
  • Engaging in market research and analysing competitor and customer data for insights

What you will gain:

  • Hands-on practical marketing experience including brand management, digital marketing and campaign management

  • An understanding of the Marketing industry and how to create content that engages with customers

  • Experience creating and executing a Marketing plan

  • Skills in analysing and understanding market trends, and using them to create marketing content that will boost sales and customer engagement

  • Confidence to engage with customers and present digital marketing campaigns

  • Experience using social media for business purposes, as well as CRM software tools

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and managing the company’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Creating a social media presence for the company on social media platforms to drive web traffic

  • Organising large social media campaigns and preparing SEO reporting

  • Optimising content for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

What you will gain:

  • Experience using social media for business effectively to boost engagement

  • Skills in Canva and marketing design and campaign management

  • Confidence to create and implement tactical marketing campaigns on social media

  • An understanding of how to optimise online content for SEO and PPC

  • Experience creating a social media presence for the company

Our Remote Internship Success Stories!

I was successful in getting a top internship with a mid-tier engineering firm. I was over the moon when the company offered me a job as a Junior Estimator!

Biji Eldhose

Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne

Zulfiyaa_Career-Success-Australia-1017x1024.png (1)
Getting my internship during Covid was a minor miracle! I did a virtual internship which was still pretty good and I was hired by my host company after my placement.

Ryan Yap

Project Management Graduate, Melbourne

Zulfiyaa_Career-Success-Australia-1017x1024.png (2)
The CSA were amazing and I am so glad to have met them through my migration agent. I am happy to say, I was hired after my internship with a top firm in Sydney

Sai Arjun

Data Analyst, Sydney

98% Placement Rate for our Interns!

How does the

Internship Process work?


Internship Preparation

First, we help you create a brand-new, professional Resume and Cover Letter, along with a customised LinkedIn profile. Next, we train and prepare you for host company internship interviews so that you are ready to meet companies for Remote Internship opportunities around Australia.


Host Company Interviews

Once your careers and internship preparation is complete, we arrange for you to meet with companies in Australia for remote placement opportunities in your specific field and industry.


Internship Placement Confirmation

After your host company interview, if you and your host company are happy to proceed, you begin your remote work placement and start gaining valuable industry experience!


Internship Support

Throughout your remote Internship, we continue to support you week by week. If you have any questions during your placement, you can contact your Internships Coach who will guide you on how to gain the maximum benefit from your remote work placement.


After Your Placement!

If you perform, your host company may offer you employment! If you are not successful in getting a job, we can continue helping you seek employment through our Career Coaching Program.

Everything you need to know about Remote Internships!

Remote Internships Program- FAQs

A Virtual Internship is a great way to gain hands-on industry experience in your field. You will join a company for 12 weeks as a virtual intern working remotely.

During your virtual internship placement, you will develop deep technical skills and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. If you perform well on your Virtual Internship, you have the chance to get hired by your host company.

Virtual internships provide students and graduates with amazing opportunities for direct employment and sponsorship with companies right around Australia.

A Virtual Internship with a top company prepares you for employment in your field. Your host company provides real-world experience and will help you build your confidence for employment.

Virtual Internships are a beneficial stepping stone for you, no matter which career pathway you choose to take, and can help you fast-track your career with valuable industry experience.

A Virtual Internships Program gives you direct access to real-world industry experience. In addition, you will get to work with some of the best industry professionals in the market who are keen to train and mentor graduates.

A Virtual Internship is a terrific learning experience that gives you the potential for employment in your field. It builds on from your TAFE or University degree and formal education by allowing you to put your theory into practice with a company in your field.

Your Virtual Internships Program will also help you get real-world experience in your specific industry area of expertise and will improve your soft skills.

Virtual Internships give you the opportunity to network with people within your industry and make new connections that can enhance your potential for employment and sponsorship with a company in your industry. You can gain remote work experience with some of Australia’s top companies located in various cities across the country.

When you do a Virtual Internship, you will learn from senior colleagues working in the same industries and companies that you want to join.

As a Virtual Intern, you will be expected to attend meetings, complete projects on time and take initiative! These are the key ingredients you need to get hired by your host company after you complete your virtual internship program in Australia.

Host companies use technology like Microsoft TEAMS, Slack, Monday and Zoom to facilitate virtual internships. So, you are just one click away from being in a virtual team meeting with your host company colleagues!

During your virtual internship, you’ll also be setting goals that will help you learn and develop both your professional and technical skills. You can expect to develop deep technical skills from your virtual internships program that will boost your career prospects as a graduate.

As an intern, you’ll be given the opportunity to work on a range of projects, depending on your skills, knowledge and passions. During your virtual internship, you can ask your supervisor for feedback and track your progress to ensure you gain the most from the placement.

A Virtual Internship is a stepping stone into employment. It’s experience that helps propel your career forward. Virtual internship experience also looks great on your Resume and lets employers know that you’ve had previous work experience in your field. It gives you the edge when applying for jobs!

Yes, absolutely!

If you can arrange 3-4 days from your study schedule, you might be able to apply for a part-time Virtual Internship. You can also do a full-time Virtual Internship during semester break or holidays to gain industry experience before you graduate.

When you complete a Virtual Internship while you study, you can apply knowledge from your degree and what you have been learning at University or TAFE to real-world projects.

A Virtual Internship during or after your study is a good choice if you want to secure employment as fast as possible!

Career Success Australia provides Virtual Internships across many industries, such as Software Development, Business Analysis, IT Support, Accounting, Marketing, HR and Engineering.

We have Virtual Internship host company partners offering 12-week internships for students and graduates who are keen to work remotely.

Virtual Internships are the best way to gain real-world training and experience during the Covid-19 period when companies are working remotely.

Virtual internships are definitely worth it! Especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Most companies want job-ready graduates who have industry experience. So, doing a virtual internship will boost your career profile and will make your Resume stand out amongst other graduates you are competing with.

While virtual internships don’t offer physical or ‘in office’ experiences, you will gain virtual work experience through video conferencing with your team.

Getting a virtual internship when office-based internships aren’t available during Covid-19 is a fantastic replacement to gain industry experience with a company in your field.

The sooner you do your virtual internship, the better!

The best time to do it would be before you graduate, as this will give you the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that you’ve learnt during university. It also means that you will have industry experience as a graduate and be more prepared for full-time employment in your specific field.

However, you can also do a Virtual Internship after you graduate. A Virtual Internship is a good opportunity to gain industry-specific work experience where you can develop good technical and soft skills.

Virtual Internships in Australia can be paid, but most of them are unpaid.

The focus of a Virtual Internship is to gain experience and to develop your understanding of the industry you’re working in.

It can be difficult to get a job as a graduate if you don’t have industry experience. A Virtual Internship will help you gain experience, so even if it’s unpaid, you will reap the rewards from your unpaid virtual internship soon enough!

If you perform well during your internship, your host company may offer employment too, so an unpaid virtual internship is still worth it!

Yes! Most Virtual Internships are considered learning experiences by Universities especially during the Covid lockdown period.

Once your Virtual Internship has been approved, you can gain credit from your university.

Your Virtual Internships Program is designed to give you real-world experience before you graduate and most universities provide you with credit points for this type of work experience.

Have a chat to your University about industry placement credits if you complete a Virtual Internship during your course.

There are many places online where you can find virtual internships. Career Success Australia also offers many internship programs remotely for students and graduates who want to do a virtual internship to gain industry experience.

Career Success Australia works with more than 1,000 companies across Australia who offer virtual internships to students and graduates across many fields and industries. Contact us today to learn how we can help you secure a virtual internship.

Yes, absolutely!

Many companies host internships as a way of training and recruiting fresh graduates. Doing a Virtual Internship after you graduate is one of the most effective ways to enter the job market during Covid.

If you have completed your degree and are facing challenges in securing a job, consider participating in a virtual internship as it can serve as a pathway to a full-time graduate job.

Getting a Virtual Internship is a great way to get work experience. Start looking for a Virtual Internship the minute you graduate!

There are differences between normal internships and virtual internships, as listed below:

1. There is a lot of flexibility in virtual internships because you can sit anywhere in the world and work for a global company or organisation. With normal internships, you are required to be in the office or on site to deliver the work with a company in your city.

2. One advantage with an office internship is that you meet many people face-to-face and get to know different cultures and working styles. However, with virtual internships and online collaboration tools like TEAMS and Slack, you can still get this experience!

3. Another difference between virtual internships and office internships is that you don’t have to commute from one place to another when doing virtual internships. Your internship can be completed any where in the world from your home!

4. A key difference between virtual internships and office-based internships is the cost. When you do an office internship, you will have travel costs to cover and you will spend more time travelling to the office.

5. The availability of virtual internships is higher than normal internships because working in a normal internship requires you to work 9-5 in the office. Whereas, with virtual internships you can choose to complete your placement with a company in a different state, city or even country! There are many more opportunities for remote or virtual internships.

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