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Our Cover Letter Writing services will help you create a powerful and eye-catching Cover Letter! Our expert cover letter writers offer personalised career coaching to help you customise your cover letters and increase your chances of getting more job interviews.

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Cover Letter Writing
Cover Letter Writing

Expert Cover Letter Writing Services just for you!

Our team of Career Coaches can help you write a powerful one-page Cover Letter that gets your application to the top of the pile. Our Cover Letter writing services have helped over 3000 job seekers get shortlisted for interviews using our proven Cover Letter Writing techniques.

Our combined passion for helping people secure employment, along with our expertise in HR & Recruitment, will help you craft a keyword-optimised, cover letter that gets you more job interviews and job offers.

Our Cover Letter Writing Service helps you: 

  • Gain 5x more visibility from employers & recruiters
  • Get 3x more job interviews
  • Showcase your skills, achievements and capabilities on one page
  • Keyword optimise your Cover Letter to gain a competitive edge over other applicants
  • Rank higher in Application Tracking Systems (ATS)

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Cover Letter Writing Service!

One-on-one Cover Letter writing coaching sessions from certified professionals

We help you write the perfect keyword-optimised Cover Letter - approved by 98% of Recruiters

ATS-approved Cover Letter to provide 5x more visibility with Recruiters and Employers in Australia

Keyword-optimised Cover Letter writing which highlights your strengths, skills and achievements

Receive customised, professionally written Cover Letters for the jobs you want to apply for!

Expert guidance from Career Coaches with proven experience optimising Cover Letters to get you shortlisted for more interviews

How we create the best Cover Letters for you!

Cover Letter Analysis

  • One-on-one career consultations with your professional Cover Letter Writer
  • Detailed Cover Letter Analysis
  • Identify key strengths and areas for improvement in your Cover Letter
  • Recruiter Cover Letter scan and review

Career Resources

  • Access our Career Resources & Counselling hub
  • Watch Cover Letter training videos from Top Australian Recruiters & Career Counsellors
  • Learn the Art of Cover Letter Writing
  • Upskill & develop essential job-hunting skills

Cover Letter Template & Draft

  • Get access to dynamic & professional Cover Letter templates
  • One-on-one feedback on your Cover Letter drafts
  • Expert guidance to optimise and enhance your Master Cover Letter

Cover Letter Counselling / Coaching

  • One-on-one Cover Letter writing sessions with our Expert Cover Letter Writing Team
  • Optimise your Cover Letter with our friendly counsellors & coaches

Cover Letter Perfection!

  • Get your Master Cover Letter
  • Receive a powerful Cover Letter that will catch the attention of Recruiters
  • Receive ongoing support from Top Career Coaching professionals

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Cover Letter Writing Success Stories!

Writing a good Cover Letter was tough until I met Career Success Australia. They helped document my skills and achievements perfectly in my Cover Letter which certainly helped me get shortlisted.

Nasir Siddique

Business Analyst, Melbourne

Jessica.jpg (1)
I always found it hard to write a good Cover Letter, but the tutorials and one-on-one Cover Letter training from my coach was exactly what I needed. Thank you team CSA!

Dee Shikha

IT Support Analyst, Melbourne

Jessica.jpg (2)
Getting my professional Cover Letter writing was a good move as it saved me time. My career coach helped me individually to explain my key projects in my Cover Letter which I know helped me get the attention of other candidates.

Jairo Ramirez

Mining Engineer, Perth

Jessica.jpg (3)
Naren and his team of career coaches knew how to explain my profile so well in my new Cover Letter. They excel at selecting the right wording and language to effectively communicate your skills and qualifications to recruiters.

Guru Karnam

IT Consultant, Melbourne

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Meet the Cover Letter Writing

Team of Experts

Naren Chellappah

Program Director

Naren is one of Australia’s most successful Career Coaches, having helped over 1,000 job seekers find jobs. He has held leadership roles at Australia’s top universities including Monash, Swinburne and Melbourne University.

Langdon Rodda

Head Career Coach

Head Career Coach Langdon supports you one-on-one to help you secure employment in your chosen field. Langdon’s Career Coaching, Career Counselling and mentoring support can help you transition into meaningful employment quickly.

Pearl Doronila

Careers Advisor

Pearl is a HR & Recruitment Specialist with 10+ years of experience working with leading companies in end-to-end recruitment. Pearl supports her clients get jobs in a range of industries through personalised Career Coaching and Career Counselling.

Tracy Busse

Career Coach

Tracy is a HR Specialist and Career Mentor who has extensive experience in people and performance management. Tracy provides a nurturing environment and helps her clients one-on-one to achieve their career goals in Australia.

Everything you need to know about 

Cover Letter Writing Services– FAQs

When you apply for a job in Australia, the Recruiter or Hiring Manager will want to read your one-page Cover Letter to get a snapshot of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements.

If you don’t submit your Cover Letter, you risk having your job application rejected on the spot!

So when you apply for a job in Australia, make sure you have a high-quality Cover Letter that catches the reader’s attention.

Your Cover Letter needs to have your contact details, as well as the contact details of the Recruiter or Hiring Manager (which you can get from the job advertisement). You also need the date and the job reference number (if available).

Next, you need a strong opening! Avoid ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To Whom it May Concern’ and always personalise your Cover Letter. This means including the name of the hiring manager or recruiter!

After your greeting, start with a strong opening paragraph. Then, you need a paragraph about the company or opportunity, followed by two paragraphs outlining your skills and experience.

Next comes your key skills list, and a final conclusion paragraph. Contact us if you would like our help to write the perfect Cover Letter for you.

To write the best Cover Letter, you need to convince the reader that you have the skills, experience and knowledge to excel in the job they are advertising.

The best Cover Letters will have rich keywords from the job advertisement, along with evidence based on projects or prior experience that relate to the job being advertised.

Check out this article to learn more about how to create the best Cover Letter:

Our Career Coaching team are experts at writing eye-catching Cover Letters that get recruiters and hiring managers calling you! That’s the objective of your Cover Letter.

A great cover letter will make the reader pick up the phone to call you for an interview (ideally without even reading your Resume!)

When you join our Career Coaching program, your Career Coach will work with you one-on-one to create a high-impact Cover Letter that gets your application to the top of the pile.

We help you write a great Cover Letter by giving you access to our Cover Letter resources, one-on-one Cover Letter editing support services and Cover Letter enhancements.

To write a great Cover Letter, we need to work closely with you to gather as much evidence as possible about your previous experience, skills and projects to develop rich examples that will impress the reader.

Our Cover Letter writing services are part of our Career Coaching programs where you work one-on-one with your Career Coach to generate job interviews and a job offer.

The best Cover Letters for internships are the ones that are well-structured and follow a traditional format. Some of the most important things for an internship Cover Letter is to include relevant experience from past jobs or school/uni/TAFE.

You may not have any real work experience, but you can still include classes and extracurricular activities at your university or college as evidence of your skills and talent!

An Internship Cover Letter will include more information about your passions, skills and desire to undertake an internship with the company you are applying for. Don’t forget to add examples of volunteer or part-time work as that will strengthen your application.

Writing a good Cover Letter takes time! Check out this article which will help you write the perfect Cover Letter:

Also, to help you write a Cover Letter quickly, check out this article here:

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