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Client Career Success in Accounting, Business & Finance

Without the help of Career Success Australia I would not have gotten a job as an accounting graduate. They helped me from day 1. I am always grateful for the tips and support. Best company to join for career guidance.


Accounting Graduate, Melbourne
Career Success Australia helped me find a wonderful internship at a major finance company in Sydney. I worked with senior finance staff. and am pleased to say they offered to keep me for an extra 3 months on contract. This wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary effort by the Career Success Australia team.


Finance Officer, Sydney
Through Career Success Australia, I got an internship at a managed fund in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. In performed well and they offered me a full-time position! It was tough work at the start but my Manager Rob was great. I would highly recommend Naren as a career coach to people from overseas looking to get into the Australian job market.


Banking & Finance Graduate, Melbourne
With no local experience, I experienced a lot of push back from companies. I spoke to Naren who advised me on changing my strategy. I took up his program and glad I did. Professional, kind and he knows how to coach. I got my first job in 10 weeks.


APAC Sales Director
I struggled to get a job for a while but Career Success Australia was patient and guided me through the process. I finally got the breakthrough I needed to land my first job with a tier 1 company in Sydney.


Finance Manager, Sydney
Thanks to Career Success Australia I got into a good IT internship with a growing finance and tech firm in the city. I worked hard and got offered an FT job as a BA. Thanks Naren and team for helping me!


Business Analyst, Melbourne
Naren organized two host companies for me to meet. I chose the best one and after finishing, my supervisor and company Director Mark asked me to stay on for part-time work as a Finance Assistant. This internship has been the best investment in my career in Australia.


Finance Graduate, Melbourne
My internship will enhance my competitiveness and employability. Naren is a kind and warm-hearted person who has helped me and many other international students with exploring their strengths to outshine other job applicants and achieve a promising career prospect.


Accounting Graduate, Melbourne
Getting a job as a skilled migrant was so hard because of the local experience issue. I was hesitant to join Career Success Australia but I decided I needed the edge. We worked so hard over 12 weeks to get interviews and finally it paid off with a couple of call backs and finally a job offer. The support was great and I’m glad I joined.


Business Analyst, Melbourne
I received a number of phone and face-to-face interviews through Naren’s coaching program. Not only did he customise my resume for every job I applied for, but he helped me to structure my answers to behavioural and technical interview questions. His training sessions gave me a lot of confidence. I got my first job at a global insurance company which is just amazing.


Accounting & Finance Graduate, Melbourne
It was impossible to get a job after coming from India. Even with Big 4 experience. I joined Career Success Australia Career Coaching. 12 weeks later and I secured a role with PwC!


Accountant, Sydney
The Career Coaching program helped me to get a job in Australia. I struggled for months after arriving from Singapore. Within 3 months, I had 5 interviews and got 2 offers. I will always be grateful to Naren and his team for guiding me. I recommend Career Success Australia wholeheartedly to any migrant looking for a job in Australia.


Funds Administrator, Melbourne
Career Success Australia helped me secure an internship with an accounting firm and during this internship, it has opened doors which led me to my part-time job with the firm’s client. Naren guided me through the process of getting my first accounting job in Australia and I could not be more grateful to him.


Accounting graduate, Melbourne
I was keen to do an internship in Accounting. I met Naren who helped me through the whole internship process. I was placed at an accounting firm and have been applying what I studied in a real accounting company. I can’t wait to get into the workforce!


Accounting Graduate, Melbourne
I received a called for an interview and was a bit nervous because I hadn’t been to an interview in many years. Naren taught me all about behavioural and technical interview questions and how to answer them. We also covered the ‘ice breaker’ question and spent time perfecting my responses. I did really well in the interview and got offered the job!


Business Analyst, Melbourne
I migrated as an Accountant and found it hard to find a job so I joined Career Success Australia to get help. Easily the best investment I made. I would still be job hunting if not for the Internship and Career Coaching program.


Management Accountant, Melbourne
I spent 3 months hunting for jobs before I found Career Success Australia. Thanks to Naren, I was quickly given an opportunity to intern at a financial advice company, which then offered me full-time employment. Naren provides great advice on how to prepare for interviews and how to navigate the job market in Australia. This has been the perfect stepping stone for me to start my new career in this country.

Tay Lai

Finance Assistant, Melbourne
I tried for many months on my own to get interviews and a more senior job. I had one interview after so many applications. Even with Australian experience, I found it tough. The Career Success Australia team turned my situation around. They helped me with every aspect from resume to cover letter and LinkedIn. I did well in my last interview and they offered me the job which I have been in for 3 months now.


Procurement, Melbourne
I was a former international student and after taking a short career break I needed help to get my resume, cover letter and interview skills improved. I started working with Naren who really gave me the confidence to get an amazing job in HR. I’m absolutely loving my new job and career in HR.


HR Advisor, Melbourne
The Career Coaching Program was great! Naren did an amazing job on my resume and selection criteria. I can’t believe how fabulous he made me sound. I would definitely recommend his services to others. The Career Coaching program was a great investment as I got my first full-time job in Australia in just 7 weeks!


Business Coordinator, Melbourne
I found CSA online and discussed my case with Naren. It was very hard to get interviews and English was my second language so Naren organised an industry placement for me to join a major finance company for an internship in data modelling. Through my internship I was successful in getting a job. I cannot thank the CSA team for helping me on this tough journey. I would like to recommend people from overseas to join this program as it helped me get a job in my field.

Derek Ding

The placement gave me valuable industry experience and I’ve learnt so much in the 12 weeks. I also received a job offer from my host company. Career Success Australia helped me in editing and formatting my resume and Naren spent one-to-one time with me to prepare for my interview. I am glad I made this investment into my career and thank you to the Career Success Australia team for helping me to start my career.

Arshiya Rathee

Finance Graduate, Melbourne
I’d like to thank Naren and the CSA team for guiding me with my accounting career. They gave me great insights and support over the Career Coaching program. It’s certainly not easy getting interviews and offers but their support was wonderful. I learnt a lot during the program about tactics to getting interviews and an offer which I can use for the rest of my career in Australia.

Arun Patel

Accountant, Melbourne
After applying jobs for months and getting no response, I was feeling hopeless and depressed. As I was an international student it was hard for me to secure a job. A friend of mine recommended me this agency and I would say it was one of the best decision made. Naren was really helpful and guided me all the way along. I was able to get an internship and the same place offered me a position. Thank you Naren and the team.

Sabina Koirala

CSA has been a great help from the beginning until the end of my internship program. Every process of this internship program is of highest quality, from helping out writing up resume, to finding a company that best suit you and finally looking after you during and after the program. Although my area of interest (Economics) is quiet difficult to get an internship here in Australia, CSA makes it happen for me. I really recommend CSA if you really want a high quality internship experience.

Thian Thiumsak

Economics Graduate, Melbourne
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Naren and Alexi for their continuous help, support and encouragement during this testing and painful period of my job hunt in Australia. With their help and guidance, I finally managed to get my first breakthrough in Australian job market as a Business Analyst and that too in my domain and area of expertise.

Utkarsh Parikh

Business Analyst, Melbourne

Client Career Success in Engineering

I found a few internship companies and chose Career Success Australia to help me. I found them to be professional and knew my industry. I got an internship in a materials science company that turned into casual employment. I think that boosted my career profile as I got a Full-Time job in another company soon after.


Chemical Engineering Graduate, Melbourne
After my Masters at Melbourne Uni, I couldn’t get a job. Even with 3 years of engineering experience in Singapore, it was hard. I joined Naren and his team to do coaching and internship. I got a placement in 2 months and then joined the company in 2018. I am still working in the same company as an Engineering one year later!


Electronics Engineer, Melbourne
Simon and I joined Career Coaching together! It was a wonderful experience and we both ended up getting jobs in our field through Naren and the team’s help. Recommend to all migrants who need help to land a job quickly.


Chemical Engineer, Melbourne
I saw Career Success Australia online and spoke to Naren. I was convinced he could help me and Avalyn so we did their coaching course on careers. I am glad to say our investment paid off as we both got jobs in our midfield.


Chemical Engineer, Melbourne
Even though I didn’t get the job from my internship host company, the experience was excellent and has helped get my first engineering job in Australia. Thank you Naren and Career Success Australia!


NOC Engineer
I struggled in Australia as I didn’t have local experience so I went with Career Success Australia to do my internship. I got placed at a company and it was awesome as they hired me too. I am so grateful for the help Career Success Australia gave to get my career started.


Civil Engineer, Melbourne
Without Naren’s help, it would have been very hard to find an internship as an international student. I managed to crack 2 internship interviews and have been with my host engineering company for 3 months working on two projects for the company. This experience will help my long term career.


Engineering Graduate, Melbourne
I chose Career Success Australia to help me with my career path. They found me an internship in an engineering company where I have gained precious experience. Naren is nice and patient, he knows exactly what new graduates need. I strongly recommended Career Success Australia for all new graduates.


Civil Engineer, Melbourne
With two masters degrees from Australian universities, it was still very hard to get interviews until I contacted Career Success Australia. They arranged my internship and helped me with my job search after. Now I work in Canberra at one of the big and best Engineering consulting firm in Australia. Naren has my highest recommendation.


Civil Engineering Graduate, Canberra
I found Career Success Australia and started their Career Coaching program after spending a year without being able to get a job. The engineering market in 2016 was tough in Australia so they organised an internship for me with a leading mining company. After my internship, I landed my first major break and have started my new FIFO job as a Process Engineer in my field. I am so happy to have worked with these guys.


Metallurgical Engineer, Brisbane
Naren helped me to get my first internship. After I finished the internship, I applied for several jobs and recently started my new job in IT. I’m glad I met Naren who is a mentor to me.


Tech Support Engineer, Melbourne
I couldn’t get a job for 1 year after my Masters. Then I got introduced to Career Success Australia and their internship and career coaching programs. Naren helped me in obtaining an internship at a civil & construction company in Camberwell, Melbourne. He went the extra pinch of effort to help me obtain the desired internship. Naren is my career mentor now – thanks for helping me.


Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne
Naren was helping me out to find job in Australia. His support during my job search really helped me to find right role within short time. I feel confident in recommending Career Success Australia for fresh graduates and overseas qualified professionals. He is not only thorough, but a nice guy who is just an email away to answer your questions.


Structural Design Engineer, Melbourne
Naren helped me to highlight my strengths in my resume to make it more appealing. We did a lot of interview preparation and he taught me how to handle the tough questions. I managed to get two interviews shortly after getting Naren’s help. He knows how to get your resume to the right standard.


Construction Graduate, Melbourne
I found out about Career Success Australia and Naren helped me to secure an internship at a leading food tech company in Melbourne. After completing my internship, they offered me paid work in their lab which is what will help me to get my dream job. The investment I made into getting my internship is life changing for me.


Biotechnology Graduate, Brisbane
I applied for over 150 software testing jobs but I got response only from 2-3 of them. After completion of my Careers Masterclass with the help of Naren, I built a strong resume & cover letter and also got strategy of job hunt. My resume was shortlisted for 3 companies out of 5 for which I had applied and within 2 week I got offer from one company.


Test Engineer, Sydney
I arrived in Australia in June 2015 and knew the market would be tough to break into. I started Career Coaching with Naren who gave me so much confidence. Within a few weeks I had my first interview and now, I have my first job in my field. It was a great program.


Electrical Engineer, Melbourne
Naren was a great help in getting my first job after completing my degree in Australia. He taught me strategies to win interviews and secure the offer. I am happy to say I am now working full time in my field in Melbourne. I recommend Career Success Australia to all job seekers.


Civil Engineering Graduate, Melbourne
Naren was my Career Coach and helped me crack the job market while I was in India. With his help I got an interview with a power generation engineering company in South Australia. I started there in December 2015 and it’s going great! I can’t believe I’m working in Australia!


Mechanical Engineer, Adelaide
Naren was so generous and patient and helped me to get my first interview as an Engineer in Melbourne. After several weeks of Career Coaching I got my first job offer for a sales/engineering role in Sydney. It would have been very difficult to get this opportunity without Naren’s help.


Engineer, Sydney
It was great working with Career Success Australia when I first moved to Melbourne. Naren’s a great guy that understands the challenges of getting a job for new migrants. I will always be grateful to him for referring me to a company who hired me. I am now in the industry and job where I belong in civil project management.


Civil Engineer, Sydney
I’m completely satisfied with the advise, coaching and support CSA has given me. During my journey with CSA I personally had my ups and downs; but with Langdon’s constant support I pulled through it and I’m forever grateful to him for being my career guide. I would recommend CSA to anyone who is actively looking to get straight the workforce.

Aalan Correya

Engineer, Melbourne
Even though I didn’t have Australian engineering experience, Naren and Farah showed me what to do to get interviews. It was tough for a while but finally I got a breakthrough. The interview process was the most difficult I have faced, but Naren and Farah guided me every single day. I have now secured a full time engineering role at a tier one company in Melbourne with the help of CSA after moving here.

Syed Fahad

Engineer, Melbourne
I do highly recommend CSA team especially Naren and Alexi for their wonderful career coaching services to the new skilled migrants and people who just entered into the professional hunting in Australia. I took coaching from Naren and it turned out to be a life changing moment for me. I landed my dream job.

Adeel Ashraf

Engineer, Melbourne
Naren, Tracy and Alexi worked closely with me in formulating strategies, reviewing my resume and preparing for my job interviews. Recruiters and companies often look for local experience but with their help, I managed to overcome this obstacle and landed my ideal job. I highly recommend Acecis to anyone who is struggling in securing a role here in Australia!

Romel Tiglao

Engineer, Melbourne
The best place to get started in the industry. I had no experience in IT before joining Career Success but after they placed me in an internship, I was able to secure a job after 3 months. I would say through your own efforts/self-study and help from this agency, anyone can get their foot into the Australian Job Market.

Aditya Kachroo

Software Engineer, Melbourne
I am very thankful to Naren and Alexi, both are help me a lot to improve my resume. Finally I have got internship in the field of engineering. I would strongly recommend Career Success Australia.

Maulik Patel

Engineer, Melbourne
They helped in updating my Resume and trained me for Face to Face interviews. The Mock Interview practices are much needed to secure your first job in Australia. I have personally recommended many of my friends and fellow students to seek assistance from CSA. I would highly recommend any new graduates with work Visa to consult Head coach Naren before searching for jobs or internships in Australia.

Ajay Chander

Engineer, Melbourne
I highly recommend CSA, they are extremely knowledgeable. Naren helped me with my resume, cover letter, interview questions, etc. CSA exceeded my expectations.

Karina Mayen

Engineer, Melbourne
I am happy to recommend this company Career Success Australia for job seekers like me. They helped with my resume, LinkedIn and I was trained up for my internship interviews. Naren the Director placed me with an international engineering firm and I got hands-on experience in the engineering team.

Aneesh Kumar

Engineer Graduate, Melbourne
Association with Career Success Australia is a wonderful experience in my career. The advice's and the support that they provided helped me to fetch my first job within 3 weeks of landing in Australia. I definitely recommend Career Success Australia for their professional support and guidance.

Gary Raman

Engineer, Melbourne
Naren got me an internship within a fortnight which proved to be successful and the host company hired me as a regular employee at the end of its term. I can't thank Naren and his team enough for giving me my first big break in Australia. I might even consider being career-coached by him in the near future. I have recommended CSA to a few people personally in the past who took their services and were successful. In the future too, I would keep recommending them to anyone who faces difficulty in his/her job search.

Binita Brahma

Engineer, Melbourne
I'd like to thank for the workshop presented by Naren. He was amazing, a good professional and could give to the audience important informations and details on who we could develop our interview skills and also to update our information on LinkedIn.

Gabriel Galvão

Engineer Graduate, Melbourne
Very detailed and spot on advice for resume and cover letter writing. Excellent coaching on interview process which helps to build my confidence in job interview and daily communication.

Chee Siang Loo

Engineer, Melbourne
I really would like to express my gratitude to CSA, Naren and Langdon for the workshop as it opened the door of the fresh new Australian job market for me. The hosts, Naren and Langdon, are very professional and supportive. They shared a lot of valuable experience on writing a decent resume and getting through a job interview.

Felix Zhang

Engineer Graduate, Melbourne
They helped with my job applications and interview training and I managed to get to a final round with a tier 1 engineering company but just missed out. So Naren used his networks to get me an interview for an operations engineer position. I met the company in Melbourne and I got the best news ever with a job offer! Thank you Naren, Alexi, Farah and the whole CSA team for making it happen.

Clement Ho

Electrical Engineer, Melbourne
I got a good internship opportunity in my field of engineering and just completed my 3 months. The CSA team guided me throughout and I am glad to say I have been offered an opportunity with my host company. I appreciate the support to get me started. If you need some help with your career, contact Naren and the team as they will guide you too.

Faisal Mahmood

Engineer, Melbourne
I would love to thank Naren who provides me with best interview training sessions. Naren is very nice and also keen on helping people who want to land a job. He is extremely responsible for his students, and so professional on job interview training as he is familiar with Aussie culture of workplace. Every minute spent with him is valuable to me as I land a job soon after receiving his training.

Dean Peng

Mechanical Engineer, Melbourne
Naren was kind enough to volunteer his time and conduct a presentation at RMIT University on resume and cover letter writing for civil engineering students. The workshop was discipline related and informative for all year levels, whether the students had previous industry experience or were just starting to search for employment.

Eve Smolinska

Civil Engineering Student, Melbourne
Career Success Australia is just the best employment agency out there, hands down. I received a very comprehensive support when I try to find a new job. They give me thorough training and spot on advice, and I landed on a great new job within 10 weeks. If you are struggling to find jobs, this is the place to be. You can expect help anywhere you need it.

Derek Ma

Engineer Graduate, Melbourne
Career Success Australia offers a great coaching service; they are an amazing team! Since I'm not Australian getting into the Australian workforce was a real challenge. They helped me to find an internship so I could gain more experience in my field. They also helped me in the process of developing a more professional resume targeting specific companies and jobs. I will be forever grateful.

Erika Alvarez

Engineer, Melbourne
My partner and I decided to join with CSA career coaching program last year after struggling finding a suitable full time job in Australia. Within few months time with Langdon, both of us were able to secure full time professional jobs. I would definitely recommend CSA for anyone who needs a hand getting started with their first career in Australia.

Dominic Chen

Engineer, Melbourne

Client Career Success in Information Technology

After some struggle to get a job, I found Career Success Australia who helped me get an Internship which helped me get my next IT job. I thank Naren for helping me when needed and would recommend everyone who is actively looking for professional roles to take his advice to get closer to your goal.


IT Graduate, Melbourne
As an international student, it's not easy to get a job in Australia. Through Career Success Australia I got a data analyst internship with a global company. Naren continues to mentor me on my internship which has given me lots of confidence.


Data Analyst Graduate, Melbourne
The Career Success Australia team found my internship as an analyst. I worked hard for 12 weeks on internship and they decided to keep me. I’m glad to have my first full-time Analyst position.


Data Analyst, Melbourne
I came from India and couldn’t get any jobs. Naren’s team got my internship in IT managed services in a big IT company. I had a great mentor who then hired me full time.


IT Systems Analyst, Melbourne
I couldn’t get a job for 2 years after my degree at La Trobe Uni – so I joined Career Success Australia for an internship. After three months the host company offered me a full-time position. I can’t explain the feeling to finally get a job in my field.


IT Analyst, Melbourne
Naren’s work on my resume was magic. He goes the extra mile when needed the most (before the interviews, applying for a job at a short notice). His practice sessions before the interviews were amazing and helped me to get my first job at a BIg 4 even when I had an employment gap.


Data Analyst, Melbourne
I found it tough to get a new job after my contract finished so I joined the Career Success Australia Career Coaching program with Naren. We worked hard on my resume and interview skills and I recently received two job offers for developer roles which is a great result.


Software Developer, Melbourne
I was worried about getting a job after moving from the US and India even though I had the global experience. For months I tried on my own with no interviews. Then after Naren and his team fixed my resume I started to get results and finally a dream job in my domain at a senior level in IT. I’m really glad to have met Career Success Australia and to have their guidance.


IT Project Manager, Sydney
Thanks to the Career Coaching program I got a job after arriving in Australia within 5 weeks. Naren was generous with his time and he just knows how to customise your application to get through the tough selection process. I’ve been working with one of Australia’s biggest retailers in IT for a month now.


Oracle Developer, Melbourne
I arrived in Australia from the UK with my family. I started Career Coaching which really helped me to get interviews for Oracle DBA roles. Finally, I received an offer to join a global IT company. I’m working in my field in Melbourne and am so glad to have met Naren who was a great help.


Oracle DBA, Melbourne
I completed the Career Coaching Program with Naren. He customised my resume and cover letter for the IT industry. I got called for two interviews within a week of sending my application out! Naren made the whole job-seeking process so easy and helped me to get my job.


IT Support Analyst, Melbourne
I met 3 career coaches and Naren was the best by far. He was kind and took a clinical approach to get a job. His methods worked and helped me to get multiple interviews. I got my first job with him, and now I have a new job offer too!


Data Analyst, Melbourne
Definitely a best consultancy and fantastic people who support you throughout the process. Naren helped me to start my internship with a good opportunity.

Krishna Chiluveru

IT Support/Network Operations, Melbourne
If you're stuck at sourcing an internship or a job, I'd highly recommend CSA over other career coaches. I ended up getting a job at the company I was interning. I believe mine is a motivating situation, a three month internship converted to a job in just two months. The idea is, Naren and team has great resources, techniques and strategies at their disposal to source an internship.

Suba Rajendran

IT Consultant, Melbourne
The CSA team were great in helping me get into a leading IT managed services company. I started my internship in March 2017 and the company offered me a job at the end of my internship. Before joining the CSA internship program I was working retail – but now I have an opportunity to start my professional career in IT. I appreciate the help from Naren and the team.

Sujith Pacha

Asset and Configuration Analyst, Melbourne

Client Career Success in Other Industries

I graduated as an international student and found it hard to get a good job. I even paid money to a resume writer! But even that didn’t work. I then started the Career Coaching Program. With Naren’s help, I had three interviews and got offered a job in my field. I’m so excited to be working!


Geo Information Science Analyst, Melbourne
I struggled on my own after coming from Malaysia. I found Career Success Australia who gave me the confidence and boosted my job applications and I soon got my first job offer.


Reporting Analyst, Melbourne
Thanks to Career Success Australia and Naren and my coaching team for helping me get my next job in the state government. The career coaching process teaches you how to get employed quickly. I was able to get my job offer within just a few weeks of the process. Glad to get my job in the public sector!


QA Manager, Melbourne
I came across Career Success Australia and decided to do the Career Coaching program because I couldn’t get a job. I worked with Naren for a few months and it was tough as there are not many jobs in my field. However, we persevered and with his support we finally made it and I got my job offer which was great.


Microbiology PhD, Melbourne
The workshop was great! As an international student, I found the culture session very interesting. We did virtual interviews which showed us how interviews work in Australia. I think I learnt most about resume writing skills. Now I know what employers want.


Teaching, Melbourne
I really enjoyed the different topics at the workshop. Naren was very professional and a great presenter. My favorite part of the workshop was learning about the interview process. Naren really helped us learn about all the tricky parts about finding work in Australia which was so helpful. I’ so glad I attended. Thank you!


Teaching Graduate, Melbourne
The Career Coaching program taught me exactly how to get job interviews. It’s a tough process with the Coaching team but they make sure you have every aspect covered. Through the support, I got an interview quickly and finally a job offer – thank you Naren and team.


Education & Client Support
A friend of mine recommended CSA, to land my first job in Australia. In two weeks time Naren and his team found me an internship in a great company which later turned into an job opportunity. I am grateful for Naren and his team and for my host company. CSA will train you on how to face an interview, tips, resume and LinkedIn profile build. They also have career coaching. They got you covered. I highly recommend them and a well worth investment.

Thanuri Jeevananda

Biotechnology, Melbourne
I got enrolled with CSA in their internship program for a 3 month unpaid internship which later turned into my first full time employment contract in Australia. Getting this breakthrough was essential for me, since then i have never looked back, fast forward 2 years and now i am working in Tier 1 company as a Project Planner. I can't thank enough Naren and his team for the work they are doing.

Abdullah Zain

Project Planner, Melbourne
Naren worked with me on my cover letter and resume. I started to get calls and interviews invitation with my new cover letter and resume. I got a great offered in 10 weeks time that I started engaging with Naren.

Ryan Hee

Information Systems, Melbourne
Journey of an International student is never been easy; however with CSA, one thing is granted is success. I appreciate entire efforts done by CSA team in preparing me for the competitive job market. I recommend them to every international student for making a successful career, as with right direction and right attitude, success is bound to come.

Amit Dureja

Telecommunication & Networking, Melbourne
It was great to meet Naren at the Melbourne University International student event. He gave me and the group of students great advice and information. He was very helpful in finding me a terrific internship in my field of study and I just started last week with an amazing company where I have the opportunity to learn and grow. I’d like to say thank you to Naren for helping me secure this opportunity to gain invaluable industry experience in Australia! I highly recommend CSA!

Elisa Muzii

Environmental Ethics Student, Melbourne
Joining the Career Success Australia Career Coaching program was amazing and I am glad to have met the team as I know they will be around to guide me when I need support in the future too.

Andrew Lu

Quantity Surveyer, Melbourne
I finished my degree in Biotechnology and was finding it hard to get a job as a Lab Assistant because I didn’t have much practical experience. I joined the CSA internship program. From day one I got help with my new resume and interview training from Alexi, Farah and Naren. Without the help of CSA, Iwould most likely still be job searching without success. Thank you CSA for this amazing opportunity to start my career.

Diksha Pawar

Laboratory Assistant, Melbourne
When I moved to Australia, as an international graduate I knew straight away that it would be really challenging to get a job in the chemistry industry with no hands-on experience. So I started to seek professional help and that’s when I came across CSA. Even if it was financially hard to make the decision to join their program, I must say it was absolutely worth for it! Naren arranged an internship for me within just a few weeks in the chemistry/biotech field!

Bettina Bokor

Chemistry/Biotech Graduate, Melbourne
Joining CSA was a pivotal decision that I took in my career. The guidance of Naren and his team, shaped me to fit to an Australian work culture. Besides this, I was given a wonderful opportunity to undertake an internship in a Tier 2 company, which lead me to an employment in Australia to become a person I aspired to. Thank you CSA from bottom of my heart.

Biji Eldhose

Estimating Assistant, Melbourne
Naren found three internships for me to gain local experience and we managed to turn around the third internship to a full time permanent employment. I will always deeply grateful to Naren for referring me to a reputed company who hired me to a full time HR role. I would strongly recommend CSA to any skilled migrant who is struggling to find their first job in Australia. I wish all the success to Naren, Alexi and the CSA team!

Bimali Illangasinghe

HR, Melbourne
Glad to have met Naren and the CSA team to help with my internship. In no time I was placed in my field of Data Science in a top tier firm in the city. The interview training and the intern experience helped me to secure my first job in Australia. CSA team takes great care and I would happily recommend this company if you are an international student needing careers support.

Charithesh Reddy

Data Science, Melbourne
I met Career Success Australia at my University careers event and they were so kind to organise my internship with a food sustainability company to follow my dreams and passions in this area. The experience I’ve had has been great and I recommend doing an internship to students and graduates to get important hands-on experience.


Community Development & Sustainability Graduate, Melbourne
As a new migrant to Australia I found it hard to get into the marketing industry. Also, my marketing experience was limited, so I did the Internship in Marketing with Career Success Australia. My host company has offered me a position in marketing and client success which I absolutely love! Doing my Marketing Internship gave me the breakthrough I needed.


Marketing Coordinator, Sydney
The Career Coaching Program with my head career coach Langdon was great. He was the best career mentor at the time when I needed it the most. I learnt so much about job applications and networking as well as interview performance and through my networking skills I found my new job in Sydney in my field. Thank you team Career Success Australia for giving me the confidence!


Biotechnology Graduate, Sydney

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