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Boost Your Career with our Student Internships in Australia

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Are you a student that wants to create an outstanding career in Australia?

Want to get Job Ready? Struggling to get real Australian experience? Career Success Australia is one of the largest Victorian Government-recommended student career guidance & employability specialists in Australia, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We have helped hundreds of university students get job-ready before entering the job market.

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Key Student Internship Industries

  • Accounting Student Internships
  • Architecture Student Internships
  • Business Student Internships
  • IT Student Internships
  • Data Science Student Internships
  • Engineering Student Internships
  • Environment & Sustainability Student Internships
  • Events Student Internships
  • Finance Student Internships
  • Law & Legal Student Internships
  • Hospitality Management Student Internships
  • Human Resources Student Internships
  • Software Development Student Internships
  • Marketing Student Internships
  • Mathematics Student Internships

Student Internship Opportunities Leading to Job Outcomes

   4x the chance of getting hired by Top Australian Companies
   Structured training by top Australian Companies
   Claim university credits & get industry experience
   Training that will give you a competitive edge
   Increase your confidence
   Be proficient in industry-demanded software
   Establish workplace relationships and build a professional network

How does the

Student Internship Program work?

Internship Preparation

First, we create your brand new Resume and LinkedIn profile and prepare you for your internship interview.

Internship Interviews

After your preparation, we contact suitable host companies in your industry and arrange interviews.

Placement Confirmation

After your interview, if you and the host company are happy to proceed, you start your internship!

Internship Support

Above all, we continue to support you throughout your internship to ensure you are progressing.

After Your Internship

If you don’t get a job with your host company, we can certainly help you gain employment through our Career Coaching Program.

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Why do an Internship as a Student?

Around 90% of Australian employers value practical experience more than theoretical knowledge. Our Program helps students get practical work experience demanded by Top Australian companies by providing them with internships in Australia.

What’s Included in the Student Internship?

Professional internship in the field

Professional internship in the field

Access to 500+ Companies

Access to 500+ Companies

Training from Top Australian Professionals

Training from Top Australian Professionals

Professional Resume that will get you 3x more interviews

Professional Resume that will get you 3x more interviews

Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible Work Schedule

One-on-One Interview Training

One-on-One Interview Training

Access to Learning Systems, Career Resources and a lot more!

Access to Learning Systems, Career Resources and a lot more!

Are You Eligible for the Student Internship?









92% of our clients got jobs after their internship.

You can be next!

Our Internship
Success Stories

With no local experience, I experienced a lot of pushback from companies. I spoke to Naren who advised me on changing my strategy. I took up his program and I'm glad I did. He is professional, kind and he knows how to coach. I got my first job in 10 weeks.


Thanks to Career Success Australia I got into a good IT internship with a growing finance and tech firm in the city. I worked hard and got offered an FT job as a BA. Thanks Naren and team for helping me!


Career Success Australia helped me find a wonderful internship at a major finance company in Sydney. I worked with senior finance staff and am pleased to say they offered to keep me for an extra 3 months on contract. This wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary effort by the Career Success Australia team.


I tried for many months on my own to get interviews and a more senior job. I had one interview after so many applications. Even with Australian experience, I found it tough. The Career Success Australia team turned my situation around. They helped me with every aspect from my Resume to cover letters and LinkedIn. I did well in my last interview and they offered me the job which I have been in for 3 months now.



Student Internship Program – FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Student Internship in Australia!

Having internship experience will give any student additional benefits and a competitive edge while applying for jobs. An internship helps students get company-based training from top organisations and professionals. It will also help them get hands-on job experience, increase their confidence and develop professional connections.

Yes, absolutely!

If you can arrange 3-4 days from your schedule, you might be able to apply for a part-time internship. You can also do a full-time internship during semester break or holidays.

The sooner, the better!

It is better to do an internship while studying because students who have solid internship experience get hired faster after graduation. It also helps students get a good learning experience and hands-on, job-relative training.

Yes! Internships are primarily considered learning experiences. Students may be able to obtain study credits from their university for the time they spent and the work they have performed. Check with your university about earning study credits through a relevant internship today!

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