When you are new to the job market, all the information around you can be intimidating, but LinkedIn keeps everything in one place and allows you to see your future in a much clearer light. So what are the reasons to use LinkedIn and how can you use it to advance your career?

  1. Find More Jobs

Using LinkedIn is easy once you’ve signed up and created your profile. From there, you can find jobs, internships and more to give you the first push you need into the job market. Use LinkedIn to find inspiration on where you see your own career journey going, what you want to accomplish in the industry of your choosing, or perhaps just finding ways to better perfect your profile information and Resumé based on other users’ information.

  1. Perfect Your Professional Profile

LinkedIn is a free-to-use social networking platform that’s built to help you make the connections you will need in the job market. The platform can store and allow people to view your accomplishments, achievements, past and present industry experience, and your goals for the future.

As this platform is mainly focused on your professional profile, it’s easy to keep your private life and work life completely separate from each other. A separation that becomes more important as society’s social media footprint continues to grow.

  1. Networking

Networking is one of the only ways to get ahead of the curb when applying for jobs. With so many applications coming in at once, recruiters and employers will likely only do a quick scan of the information you provide and pit you against similar candidates until they find the perfect fit. Amongst the reasons to use LinkedIn is to make networking connections and create an impressive profile, increasing your chances of standing out and being selected for an internship position are greatly increased.

  1. Follow Companies

LinkedIn can be a useful tool for researching companies as nearly all companies have an account on the platform. This makes it faster and easier to conduct research on a company you are considering applying to, and you can also find honest reviews from current and former employees with just a click. This gives you a better insight into the company and its culture.

  1. Get Found by Recruiters

A strong profile on LinkedIn can increase professional visibility to recruiters. Enable the ‘Open to Work’ feature to signal that you’re open for new opportunities. Regularly update your profile with new skills and experiences so recruiters can find you based on the most current information. Finally, continue to engage with LinkedIn to show your industry goals and expectations.

LinkedIn is a versatile, free tool that you can use to your advantage in the job market. Our reasons to use LinkedIn highlight the dynamic nature of this platform. Use it to start building your online professional profile and start your future career journey.