If you have a video interview coming up, check out our top 6 video interview tips to help get selected!

Applying for jobs in Australia is easier than ever now thanks to platforms like Zoom that allow video interviews to occur.

However, the interview process can still be a nerve-racking and stressful experience, especially if you are unsure on how a video interview should play out.

In a video interview, it’s obvious that you should pay attention to your professionalism as well as your communication style. But there are more things to be aware of when preparing for a video interview and here are six video interview tips to help you understand what they are. So here are some video interview tips for you to follow!

Video Interview Tip 1: Check your Internet connection

It sounds simple, but if you’re on a laptop connected to the Internet via wi-fi, you will want to make sure that wi-fi will not drop out during your interview.

Sometimes things going wrong in life happen!  Believe it or not, your interview being cut short because of a technical issue really annoys an employer.

So, the first video interview tip is to invest your time in checking that your wi-fi is working. We recommend doing a test video call with a friend to check your connection.

Video Interview Tip 2: Create your own environment

You’re now beginning to understand that you should always take video interviews seriously.

So, your next step is to find a place you feel most comfortable in. And one with a background that will help add to your professionalism.

The employer will always take note of the background behind you! So you will want to ensure that the lighting is clear, and the background is well presented. Our next video interview tip is to have a plain white background, ideally where there’s no noise or distractions.

Video Interview Tip 3: Turn off distractions

This one is easy. Switch your phone to silent before the interview and turn off all notifications.

You don’t want any emails or messages coming through, vibrating the phone, and distracting you from the task at hand, which is to make the employer interviewing you, see value in you.

Video Interview Tip 4: Prepare, prepare, prepare

Much like any interview, you will need to prepare for your video interview by researching the company, the person interviewing you – and your own job history.

You will get a lot of conventional questions, as well as unusual questions, so be sure to have a firm grasp of the company you are applying it. You can read the company’s website and make a list of the top 30 technical questions you are likely to get based on the job description.

Then research the person who is interviewing you. This helps you understand who this person is as a professional. So be sure to check their LinkedIn page. Try to find mutual professional interests with them.

Finally, go back through your own job history in your resume and make sure you have everything memorised. The person interviewing you will ask you questions about your work, so it will pay to have answers on hand, ready to go.

The most important video resume tip we have is for you to prepare well. Use the STAR method to shape your answers, and make sure you include evidence to support your answers. Check out our Job Interview Training support services to help you succeed in your next video interview in Australia.

Video Interview Tip 5: Watch your body language

The best thing about a video interview is that you have a buffer between you and the person speaking to you through your computer screen, so you have some control over how it goes.

You can set up the way the interviewer will see you on their end. If you are sat at a table for the interview, then you can hide your hands if you feel that you are fidgeting or uncomfortable with their position on the table.

For our video interview tip number 5, we advise you to keep your body language positive, maintain a straight back, smile, make sure your hair is combed and neat and tidy!

Make sure your eyes are focused on the interviewer. Be positive when showing your personality and answering their questions.

Video Interview Tip 6: Dress professionally

Even though you’re not face to face with the interviewer, you should still dress professionally because their first impression of you will last.

There is an expectation from the employer with video interviews and that is for the interviewee, you, to be serious about wanting the job.

Your image is a key component to selling your value, so you should dress either in business attire or smart casual when taking your video interview.

Remember, the more video interviews you do, the easier they will become. But if you are still unsure about them, then please feel free to give us a call.

We hope you found these video interview tips helpful!

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