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LinkedIn stands out as a valuable platform for connecting with industry peers, recruiters, and potential employers.

However, effective networking on LinkedIn requires more than just sending connection requests and sharing occasional updates.

There are many mistakes that should be avoided when trying to network with others on LinkedIn.

Below, we’ll explore the strategies and techniques to network effectively on LinkedIn, leveraging the power of this platform to expand your professional reach and opportunities.


Sending Personalised Messages 

When sending LinkedIn connection requests, it is important to make a great first impression.

Personalised communication is key to standing out and getting the potential connection to accept and reply to your message.

Step 1: Research Your Potential Connection

The first step when writing a personalised message is to do your research on the other person.

Go through their profile, look at their recent posts, mutual connections, groups joined, liked pages and conduct a search to see what you find.

Step 2: Craft a Memorable Message

The second step is to use that information to craft an attention-grabbing memorable message using topics from the research you find such as common interests, their past work experience or other specific aspects of their profile that caught your attention.


Mistakes to Avoid While Networking on LinkedIn

When sending personalised messages on LinkedIn, it is important for the conversation to feel natural and not forced.

Here are some common mistakes that should be avoided while sending these messages on LinkedIn.

1. Do not directly ask for a job.

When messaging someone for the first time, the priority to build rapport and establish a meaningful and memorable first impression.

Asking for a job directly the first time connecting with someone can feel inauthentic.

The other person may feel you are only trying to connect with them for personal gain.

2. Do not ask for a coffee catchup without getting to know the person.

Meeting in person takes effort, and the other person must feel like they have established some kind of connection with you before agreeing to a coffee catchup.

Try getting to know the person more in detail over a few days or weeks and engage with them on LinkedIn before asking for a coffee catchup.

3. Do not ask immediately for a referral.

Only after you have gone through the process of sending a personalised message, building rapport, meeting for a coffee catchup, and building a relationship should you ask for a referral for a job.


Engaging with Your Network

Networking on LinkedIn is not just about growing your connections; it’s also about engaging with your existing network. Here’s some tips:

  • Be proactive in engaging with your connections by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts, articles, and updates.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations, offer insights, and share valuable content that demonstrates your expertise and interests.
  • By actively participating in discussions and interactions within your network, you’ll stay top-of-mind and strengthen your relationships with your connections.


Effective networking on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. By sending personalised messages, avoiding common mistakes, and engaging with your network you can expand your professional reach, establish valuable connections, and unlock new opportunities for your career.

So, start networking on LinkedIn today and watch your career prospects soar!


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