You’ve made it to the interview stage! Congratulations!

Interviews are hard work! The pressure’s on and now’s your time to shine. With these job interview tips, the job is one step closer to being yours. Make a few missteps and you’ll be back to square one. Your best asset when it comes to interviews is knowledge.

If you know what’s going to be expected of you – how you should look, act, what you need to say and so on – you’ll be far more confident. This is something they’ll want to see.

Walking into an interview without planning is the worst mistake you can make. If you follow these job interview tips, you can showcase yourself in the best possible way and increase your chances of getting the job.

Here are the five ‘P’s of interviews that will help you be ready for your big moment:


Preparation is everything! Your interview is your opportunity to show your stuff – your skills, experience, knowledge of the job you’re applying for and everything else that makes you a strong fit for the role. This is what your interviewer(s) will be looking out for, and if they don’t see it, you may miss your shot.

Refresh your memory of your Resume and Cover Letter – they’ll have a copy, and will want to see that what you’re saying matches up with what they’ve already seen. It’s also worth making sure you know where they are and how long it takes to get there – don’t be late!

Check out our previous article on interview preparation to learn more. If you’re worried about handling telephone interviews, here are some telephone job interview tips too.


It’s also important to take your presentation into account. Dressing appropriately for the role is vital. It’s often recommended to dress 10% more formally than performing the job will require. Too formal (a three-piece suit for an IT support role) and you will appear ‘over the top’. Too informal (shorts and a t-shirt for an HR role) and it looks like you haven’t made an effort.

Other aspects of your presentation include well-groomed hair (including facial hair), use of deodorant, polished shoes and fresh breath (avoid coffee before interviews!).

Power Words

What you say is just as important as how you look. Applying for a bookkeeping role? Make sure to mention your experience with bookkeeping software. This holds true for any field – if you have experience in a specific area that the role requires, whether it’s Java, database experience or experience handling client calls, your interviewer will be looking out for you using these power words.


How you walk, stand and sit will give your interviewer and other members of staff an idea about what you’re like as a worker. Flopped onto a chair, bent over or swinging your arms? They may be concerned that you’re lazy, or not taking the interview seriously.

The same is true for the opposite – you don’t want to be stiff and unmoving either. What you need is to be relaxed, but formal – sitting and standing up straight without going overboard. If you’re distracted by focusing on not moving, you’re not going to be able to give as strong answers to their questions.

Need help with understanding how to act in your interview? Check out Australian interview etiquette and learn more.


Similar to posture, you should be professional but not a cardboard cut-out. When you meet your interviewer(s), smile and maintain good eye contact. You’ll show yourself as approachable and someone who’ll work well with others in the company, as well as clients.

When talking about yourself and your experience, they’ll also be listening and looking at how you say it. If you sound like you’ve memorised your Resume they’ll pick up on it and worry that your skills and knowledge are limited to what’s on the page. If you can talk naturally, linking back to questions and giving relevant examples, you’ll show yourself to be versatile and knowledgeable.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Be ready! Know details on your experience, the company and the job
  • Look professional
  • Use specific terminology related to the role
  • Stand, sit and walk professionally
  • Show your personality, without becoming informal

To make the best possible impression in your interview, get in touch and we can help through our job interview tips masterclass.

We wish you all the best in your job search!
Careers Team, Career Success Australia