Hi and welcome to the first Career Success Australia blog!

I’m Naren, the founder of Career Success Australia. It’s an exciting time to write this blog as we begin helping international students and new migrants find professional work in Australia.

You’re probably wondering what Career Success Australia is all about! We are an Australian Careers and Employment Centre for International Students. I started this organisation to help international students and skilled migrants achieve their career goals in Australia.

Why did I start Career Success Australia?

I’ve worked at some of Australia’s leading Universities for a number of years.  In this time I’ve met so many international students who simply couldn’t get a job after graduating. I also came across many skilled overseas professionals who found it hard to get a job in Australia. And so I decided to step in and help.

I started this organisation to give international students and skilled migrants the support they need to overcome the key challenges of getting professional work in Australia. I know what it takes to win interviews and get job offers and my aim is to help my clients get there.

So what’s the Career Success Australia blog about?

I want to share my ideas and strategies on how to get a job in Australia. There’s so much information out there – probably too much! This makes life hard when you’re trying to find specific information to help you as an international student or skilled migrant. I want to make it easier by sharing interesting thoughts, ideas and practical tips on how to get a job in Australia.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts on career advice in Australia and I look forward to helping you achieve your career goals in Australia. If you need any further advice on how to experience career success, contact us now!

Stay tuned for our next blog ‘Three tips to find jobs in Australia’

Best wishes,