Getting a job in Australia is particularly hard, even for Australian citizens.  Moreview, it’s noticeably harder for workers arriving from abroad and international graduates.

At Career Success Australia, we are committed to helping people find work, as we know getting a job is tough.

To assist in this process, we have developed a number of strategies to make you the most attractive candidate.

With over a decade working with job seekers, Career Success Australia has helped 3000+ people in getting a job in Australia. We know exactly what it takes to help you get a job offer.

Our 16 Week Career Coaching Program

The 16-week Career Coaching Program presents you with intensive one-to-one support and make getting a job in Australia easy.

In other words, Career Coaching focuses on the essentials required to win job interviews and job offers. 

During Career Coaching, you receive one-to-one help to build a Master Resume and Cover Letter.

Most importantly, your Career Coach helps you to customise your job applications!

In addition, we provide intensive job interview training. This includes your body language, your answers, and follow up strategies.

Over a 16-week period, you work directly with our expert team of Career Coaches who specialise in the Australian job market.

Most of all, we support you through a combination of telephone, Skype and face-to-face support.

These sessions are certainly comprehensive, and will help you:

–        Rewrite and customise your Resume and Cover Letter for the Australian job market
–        Customise every single job application you submit
–        Create a job search strategy to find more job vacancies
–        Prepare you for telephone and face-to-face job interviews in Australia
–        Customise your LinkedIn profile
–        Teach you how to network with recruiters and employers in Australia and develop your target list of companies

You can find more information about our 16-week Career Coaching Program here.

Our 12 Week Internship Program

On the other hand, if you don’t have professional experience or Australian experience, an Internship is the best option for you!

For one, it gives you an Australian reference, something that is invaluable in an Australian job application.

Similarly, it also allows you an insight into the Australian work environment. In addition, you can build your professional networks!

Finally, interns often find that their company has grown to rely upon them during their internship. This means the possibility of a job offer within the business at the end of internship.

At Career Success Australia, we are experienced in making these placements. We work with a wide range of organisations around Australia who are keen to host interns.

For instance, we organise internships in industries such as Accounting and Finance; IT, Science and Engineering; and Human Resources and Business.

Our 12 Week Internship Program includes:

–        All three of our Masterclasses – LinkedIn optimisation, Resume writing, and Interview training
–        A 12-week internship in Australia
–        Hands-on practical experience in your field
–        Career Coaching to help you get paid employment in your field after your internship

You can find more information about our 12 Week Internship Program here.

Key points: 

  •     Career Success Australia can help you improve the way you present yourself to potential employers.
  •     An internship could give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and win over an employer.
  •     We have years of experience and have helped 3000+ clients get employment.
  •     Our knowledge of the Australian job market will certainly benefit you.

Final thoughts on getting a job in Australia: 

At Career Success Australia, we offer a range of options to help you secure employment.

Whether it’s through our Career Coaching Program or our Premium Internship Program, our assistance above all will help you get a job in Australia. 

If you’d like our help, please complete a short Careers Assessment to start the process of getting a job in Australia.

We wish you all the best in your job search!

Careers Team, Career Success Australia