A wise man once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That man was Albert Einstein.

What Einstein said, applies to most things we do.
Here are two practical examples:

  • If I keep driving at 65kph instead of 60kph I’m going to continue getting speeding fines.
    I need to change my driving habits!
  • If I continue eating spicy food, I’m going to have an upset stomach.
    I have to stop eating spicy food!

This theory applies to job searching in Australia. I have lost count at the number of clients who call or email saying “I’ve been applying for 10 jobs a week for the past three months and I haven’t had one interview”.

Let’s do the maths on this.

10 job applications a week X four weeks a month X three months.
The total number of applications sent out = 120 (yet not one interview.)

The minimum strike rate you should expect is at least one interview for every twenty applications sent.

This person should have attended six interviews after three months. Out of the six interviews, I would expect at least two job offers (one in three).

What this person is doing is insane – according to Einstein! They are sending the same resume and cover letter over and over again, expecting to get called for a job interview.

In effect, if you’re not getting a job interview in Australia, then there’s something wrong with your cover letter and resume.

Why can’t I get job interviews in Australia?

1. Your cover letter is weak. If your cover letter isn’t attention-grabbing, your resume won’t get read
2. Your resume doesn’t use enough keywords. If you don’t tell the hiring manager that you have exactly what they are looking for you won’t get called for an interview.
3. Information resumes Vs Marketing resumes. Your job application must be a sales brochure that sells your greatest skills and achievements related to the job being advertised.
4. Your writing (style, grammar and punctuation) is weak. The selection panel will assume that if you can’t write, you can’t speak…which means no interview.

Final point: If you keep getting rejected (or worse, they don’t even write back), then you need to pause. Take a moment to assess your cover letter and resume.There’s no point sending the same resume and cover letter out – you will get the same result. If you’re getting the same frustrating and disappointing result, get in touch with us so that we can help you break the cycle.

We’ve helped many clients get a job interview in Australia through our proven cover letter and resume templates. Our job is to help you get into as many interviews as possible so you increase your job offer ‘strike rate’. Good luck with your job search!