How To Quantify Your Resume?

How To Quantify Your Resume?

There’s one thing employers are looking for on your resume – numbers. When you show your achievements with numbers and quantify your resume, you have a higher chance of getting shortlisted for the interview stage. This is because employers can quantify your value to their…

5 Resume Tips In Australia

In searching for a job in Australia, your goal is to catch the eye of the hiring manager once they get to your resume. Here are five resume tips to help you achieve this.  The key is to keep their attention for longer than five…

Resume Buzzwords To Avoid!

Recruiters and hiring managers receive a huge number of resumes for each job they advertise, and it’s hard to get their attention at the best of times. One certain way to not grab their attention is by using stereotypical, overused, bland and often meaningless ‘buzzwords...

Resume Tips in Australia

When it comes to applying for jobs in Australia, your resume is key to success. Australian resumes are different from those of other countries. So if you’re from overseas, you’ll need to create a new resume that’s in line with Australian resume standards. So we’ve got…

Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Recruiters and hiring managers will often receive 200+ resumes for just one job they’re advertising. Because of this, they only have a limited time to read each resume. If your resume is strong, you’ll be put to one side for further consideration and, hopefully, an interview. If…

Best Resume Fonts To Use

The font you use for your resume says a lot about you as a person – so it’s important to make sure it’s saying the right things! Many aren’t aware of the ideal fonts to use, so here’s our breakdown of the fonts you should…

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